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British Racing Pools Are Here!

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Following on from the launch of Irish Racing pools, we’re very excited to announce the launch of British Racing pools that will be going live on Friday July 13th!  The previous two weeks of Irish Racing pools and FreePlay games has seen Colossus Racing fly out of the stalls and it shows no sign of slowing down.

You’ll have the following industry-first, ground-breaking features:

  • Cash Out: If you’re not 100% confident you’re going to get a full house, you can use Cash Out to bank some winnings, leaving a percentage of your ticket to play on for the prize!
  • Syndicates: If you’re not a racing expert and want to let someone else make the choices, you can join a Syndicate! The Syndicate captain does the hard work for you, building the ticket with their selections and you can then buy a portion of this ticket.
  • Consolations: We provide Consolation prizes for those near misses. So even if all your predictions don’t come in, you can still win!
  • Big Guarantees: Our guarantees give punters the opportunity to win substantial prizes for relatively small stakes. Each pool has it’s own guarantee, and if no-one wins, they rollover!

How to play:

  • Choose your Pool: Choose whether you’d like to play a Win Pick 6, a Win Pick 4 or a Place Pick 6 from our Racing Pools List
  • Make your selections: Choose your horses for each leg of the pool. If you’d like, you can make multiple selections in races where you’re not too sure on the winner!
  • Choose your stake size: Select the amount you’d like to stake for each line. This can be from as low as £0.10 per line for our place Pick 6 and up to £2.00 for our Win Pick 6

Once you’ve done those three steps, you’re good to go! you can then view your ticket under the ‘My Tickets’ tab.

Irish Racing so far

Our typical Irish Racing pools are a Win Pick 6, Win Pick 4 and Place Pick 6. Our Win pools provide great guaranteed prizes as well as Consolation prizes for tickets that fail to predict all the legs correctly. 3/4 will qualify for a consolation prize in our Pick 4 Win, and both 4/6 and 5/6 correct selections will be able to qualify for a consolation prize in our Win Pick 6. 

Here are a few of our winners from recent Irish Racing Pools:

Fairyhouse Fire!

One player made a huge return from an £8 stake on a Win Pick 4 pool, winning over £1,600! With a the 14:55 being the only race where this punter wasn’t dead certain, the rest of the horses strolled past the post for this spectacular win.

Racing Pools


Top class Consolation at Bellewstown

One lucky ticket holder managed to capitalise on our Consolation prizes for a strong £312.50 in our Win Pick 6 racing pool. An exceptional return, given 2 horses didn’t come in for them!

Racing Pools


Keep an eye out for winners over the weekend!

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