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Argentinian Fan Gets River Plate Tattoo… But It Ends Badly

One football fan has taken his celebrations after River Plate’s Copa Libertadores victory over fierce rivals Boca Juniors to the next level, with an extraordinary tattoo.

The match was mired in controversy and had to be moved to Real Madrid’s Bernebeu stadium after the original fixture was postponed when River Plate fans attacked the Boca Juniors team bus before the match. However, River Plate had the last laugh by winning the trophy with a 3-1 victory in Madrid.

The unnamed fan was so delighted with the triumph that he paid to have a tattoo of a QR code on his arm, which could be scanned by smartphones to open a YouTube video of the game’s highlights. You can check it out for yourself below.



Unfortunately, the story didn’t have a happy ending for the River Plate fanatic as the video has subsequently been removed for copyright infringement. As such, he has been left with a redundant code on his arm which directs anybody who scans it to a message saying that ‘this video is unavailable’.



Still, at least he has quick access to YouTube should he need it. He can also take comfort in knowing that he isn’t the only fan to get a dodgy tattoo. For example, in 2015 one Man City supporter had Martin Tyler’s famous commentary from their 2011/12 title victory inked on him.

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At least he waited until City had won the league before committing to that tattoo though. Another fan, supremely confident in England’s ability to win last summer’s World Cup in Russia, decided to get a slightly sinister tattoo of Harry Kane, in addition to an unfortunate message.



England were subsequently knocked out by Croatia in the semi-finals. Whilst most of us are able to forget England’s prolonged failure between international tournaments, he now has a lasting memory.

It isn’t just fans who have unfortunate taste in body art though, the professionals are at it as well. But if fans get tributes to footballers tattooed on them, what do footballers get? The same, apparently.

Nile Ranger is no stranger to controversy and raised eyebrows once again when he had his surname tattooed on his own forehead.



Unfortunately, as you can see, the fancy lettering makes it look as though he has the word ‘ranges’ on his head.

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