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NFL tips 2021: Week Seven

NFL expert Dave Gray is back to take on the £365,000+ Rollover – Pick 7 pool in week seven of the season. Check out his NFL tips and join his Syndicate.


NFL Tips – Week Seven


Kansas City Chiefs @ Tennessee Titans

Sunday, 6pm

The Chiefs got back on track with a big win over Washington at the weekend, but there are still some question marks over them, but they should match up pretty well with the Titans. The Tennessee pass defence was already struggling before losing Caleb Farley for the season. We could see another huge Tyreek Hill game here. Derrick Henry is going to get his yards, but the Titans are going to need a bit more from the passing game if they are going to keep up and I would always back Patrick Mahomes over Ryan Tannehill in a shoot out.

Selections: Chiefs 1-6,7-12


Carolina Panthers @ New York Giants

Sunday, 6pm

The Panthers are now 0-3 after their superb start, but there are few teams out there better to get right against than the Giants right now. New York are still suffering from injuries to key players, and the level of the roster was not that high, even with those players. The Panthers defence should be able to handle Daniel Jones and co and Carolina will be hoping that we see more of that early Sam Darnold, rather than the one we have seen lately that looks more like the player we knew at the Jets.

Selections: Panthers 1-6,7-12


Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins

Sunday, 6pm

The Dolphins lost in London on Sunday but I came away from Tottenham wondering how. They moved the ball at will in the first half and then just seemed to go away from the gameplan that had worked so well. They should have been clear in that game but they let the Jags hang around. You can look at it from either angle, but I took away that they are playing some good football, they just need to make some better decisions. The Falcons are just hard to trust, but they do have some talent. The offence is yet to click, which is why I lean towards the Dolphins, particularly in Miami, but I see this one being close into the fourth quarter.

Selections: Falcons 1-6, Dolphins 1-6,7-12


Houston Texans @ Arizona Cardinals

Sunday, 9:25pm

The Texans barely count as an NFL team right now. They are just a little hopeless. They’ve fallen so far from the team that were legitimate Super Bowl contenders just a couple of seasons ago. The Cardinals on the other hand are proving any remaining doubters wrong. They came through a big test in Cleveland without their head coach who missed the game with COVID. The hard thing in this one is working out just how many points they win by. With the Packers coming up next week, don’t be surprised to see the starters out of this one at some point in the second half.

Selections: Cardinals 13-18, 19-24


Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sunday, 9:25pm

The Bears are 3-3 but they just do not feel like that good of a team. They have a brutal run of games that could see Matt Nagy lose his job. The Buccaneers continue to roll through teams and the game with the Eagles last time out was not as close as the score line suggests. Tom Brady is playing some incredible football and is on track for one of the greatest seasons of his entire career. The Bears should offer very little to stop them on offence and while I am a fan of Justin Fields, he is still a little raw and this matchup may be a little too much for him right now.

Selections: Buccaneers 13-18


Indianapolis Colts @ San Francisco 49ers

Monday, 1:20am

Trey Lance is still not practicing so it may be right back to Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback. It should not be a big issue for the 49ers though. I trust Kyle Shanahan to get the most out of either player and they haver shown that they can win with Garoppolo plenty of times before. The Colts just continue to underwhelm. They had a big win over the Texans but at 2-4 they are already looking to far back to contend with the Titans. In San Francisco at prime time, it feels hard to back Indianapolis in this one.

Selections: 49ers 7-12


New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks

Tuesday, 1:15am

This would have looked like a great matchup a year ago, but with Drew Brees retirement and Russell Wilson facing a spell on the side lines it has lost a bit of its appeal. But with Jameis Winston up against the woeful Seahawks defence it should at least be fun. The Saints should look at what the Steelers did at the weekend and play a similar type of game. Geno Smith was fine coming in for Russell Wilson, but he just isn’t a good enough player to carry a team against a good team like the Saints.

Selections: Saints 1-6,7-12


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