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Unlike this time last year, Louis Van Gaal and Manchester United are getting their transfer business done early.

Three signings in 24 hours – Darmian, Schweinstieger and Schneiderlin – is a statement of intent from the Red Devils.

Potential acquisitions of Edinson Cavani and Sergio Ramos are still in the minds of the Old Trafford hierarchy as they attempt to bring the glory days back to the Theatre of Dreams.

Even keeping David de Gea from the clutches of Real Madrid is looking increasingly likely as each day passes, something that Los Blancos can ill afford given the recent departure of stalwart Iker Casillas.

In any event, of all of the new signings thus far, it’s that of World Cup winner Schweinsteiger that has caused the most ripples, both in media circles and amongst the United faithful, some of whom remain sadly misinformed.

Sky Sports News happened to wander upon a few pre-season bargain hunters outside of the club shop to garner a few thoughts.

“His pace will be a real asset for us” and “a bit of reliability in the middle of the park” were two uttered phrases.

Arguably, “Schweini” has never had a turn of pace in his entire working life, and certainly not now at 30 years of age. Reliability? Depends how you define it.

There is little doubting that the player has the quality to succeed at the very highest level of English football. An incredible capacity for work and “leaving it all on the field” will put some of his less hard-working colleagues to shame.

No doubt that is a major reason why LVG has purchased the old warhorse. However, as with any player that puts his all into every single game, there is a price to be paid.

In Schweinsteiger’s case, that is a multitude of injuries over the last few years which has disrupted his influence to a massive degree.

Last season the player missed an enormous 22 games including from the middle of August to the middle of November.

In 2013/14 the situation was worse with 26 games missed. Just two weeks on the pitch between November and February.

Torn ankle ligaments, tendon irritation, muscular problems and a collarbone fracture is just a small portion of the discomfort suffered by Schweinsteiger over the last few seasons.

Louis Van Gaal must have his best rose tinted specs on if he feels that he is going to get any sort of continuity from a player that he worked with at Bayern between 2009-11.

There is a simple reason why Bayern Munich have let the player go for a paltry £14 million, and it has little to do with Pep Guardiola’s say so.

Bayern just haven’t been able to rely upon a midfielder that has spent the last 17 years at the club.

When he’s fit and well then yes, United have themselves a player with the requisite experience, skill set and nous to boss their midfield.

But recent experience tells us he misses more games than he plays.

Supporter expectation has been heightened and his arrival heralded but a dose of reality is needed where Schweinsteiger is concerned.

United best be careful in holding him out as the signing of the summer.

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