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Introducing Conscious Colossus Captain

We‘re delighted to announce that Conscious Colossus is launching a brand new initiative to raise funds for our charitable causes, Conscious Colossus Captain!

From August, Colossus players will be able to support our three charities (Alive and Kicking, YGAM, Greyhound Trust) whilst also having fun and, hopefully, winning themselves some cash. So how does it work?

Conscious Colossus Captain aims to utilise our award-winning Colossus Syndicates product to help raise awareness and funds for Conscious Colossus. Through our new CC Captain account, we will be nominating a top Captain or a special guest each week who will be tasked with creating a Syndicate in one of our pools.

This is where we need the support of our players, who we need to fill the remainder of that Syndicate until it goes live. Once it’s live, it will work just like a regular Syndicate and any profit that our contributors make will be theirs to keep.

Whatever winnings the Conscious Colossus Captain make will be split equally between our three chosen charities. However, even if the Syndicate loses, we will still match the value of all contributions from our players, so every penny you contribute will make a difference.

So what can you do to support Conscious Colossus Captain? Here are four steps.


  1. If you have registered with Colossus then FOLLOW the CC Captain account.
  2. If you are on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram then LIKE and FOLLOW our pages as we will be announcing new Syndicates, so it’s the quickest way to keep in touch.
  3. If you have followed the first two steps and you see a Conscious Colossus Captain Syndicate go live then help us out by contributing to it if you can. Even £1 will help it fill and, you never know, it could win you a return!
  4. Subscribe to alerts on the Captain profile page and opt into Syndicate notifications.



We caught up with our three designated charities to find out how they’re getting on during lockdown. If you’d like to know more then please click here.

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