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Colossus Winners: BBtipster closing in on the Pick 15

As top level football draws to a close across Europe, the goals are flying in! It appears that recent games were a tad more predictable than usual, with numerous players going far in the Pick 15 while also taking advantage of partial Cash Out. We also had some lovely small line tickets scooping large sums in our smaller jackpot pools.


BBTipster closes in on Pick 15


The Pick 15 started off well for most punters, with us at Colossus realising this week it could be scooped when Monaco scored a last minute penalty against St Etienne, which took BB to 7/7. Then, last night, Atalanta scored in extra time to level the game against AC Milan.

Suddently it was on. Roma and Juventus play out a bore draw and the Syndicate is through to the last leg! Throughout the pool he has Cashed Out in increments, totalling up to £8,207, with £16,000 still to play for. Fulham are up next who are odds on this evening!


What a FreePlay!


If you are a Colossus regular you will know we like to give FreePlays to our customers… Old and new – we don’t discriminate! This Pick 15 punter made good use of partial Cash Out, and has now sold all his ticket for just under £2,400.

However, with Fulham odds on tonight perhaps it would have been better to have Cashed Out 80% instead of 100%! An 80% Cash out and a Fulham victory tonight would see this player scoop the £16,000 jackpot plus their Cash Outs!

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£2,900 Scooped in the BTTS Pick 10

This punter’s £8 ticket managed to net him just over £2,900 when he had green selections in every leg. No landed, quite surprisingly, in the last three fixtures: Southampton v Man City, Roma v Juventus and Sampdoria v Napoli. If you think something is not as likely as it looks, the nature of pools betting means that if it happens you will be in with a chance of returns like this!


£2,600 pay out in the Pick 8.


Who would have thought Levante would beat Barcelona, whilst also ending their unbeaten run in La Liga? This punter did! Scooping £2,926 exactly!


Cash Out

That is all for now folks, let’s hope bbtipster can do it in the Pick 15.

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