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BBtipster smashed Saturday Pick 15 and secured £21,324

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Last night’s playoff match almost caused an earthquake with BBtipster securing a ground shaking Pick 15-win worth £21,324. As Fulham’s Ryan Sessegnon scored early on in the second half, it pushed the delight of the Syndicate far up into the clouds, with Odoi scoring the 2nd goal in the 66th minute and producing a strong win over Derby.

With 14 correct selections previous to yesterday’s match, including an unbelievable 5-5 draw between Hibernian and Rangers, Fulham winning was purely the cherry on top for what can only be described as a perfect run for BBtipster. With a top Cash Out offer for the final 10% of the ticket as we can see from above, BBtipster held on and reaped the rewards from Fulham’s success. This win has now projected BBtipster to 1st place on our weekly leaderboard with a magnificent 932% ROI over the past 7 days. A truly excellent achievement by anyone’s standards.

We would like to congratulate everyone involved in BBtipster’s Syndicate and hope they enjoy their winnings. With the World Cup coming up, BBtipster’s future Syndicates will be well worth keeping an eye on, and I’m almost certain it won’t be too long before they are back in the spotlight!

Visit to play for our Jackpots with Syndicates

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