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Earlier this year, Colossus Bets launched Syndicates.  This award winning platform allows players from around the world to buy shares in big tickets to take on the pools.

With more players buying shares every day, the demand for syndicates is increasing.  So we are expanding our team of Captains to create syndicates to meet this demand.

Since the launch in January, several of our Captains have taken their football knowledge and are now seeing a steady profit of a few hundred a month up to thousands.

In May, one of our Captains came within a goal of winning over £200,000 TWICE. On one, his cash-out decision made the Syndicate £44,433 on a losing ticket, with his share being £4,300.

And this week, one of our Captains made £630 for his share of his syndicates winnings on the PICK 8 Rollover.

Do you want to be a Captain for Colossus? 

Then read on:


  • Doing research on matches and creating tickets for others to join and invest in
  • Once in-play, you will be responsible for any cash-out decisions
  • You receive 100% of your share of any cash-outs or winnings
  • We can help you understand how to create solid tickets for the different pools
  • Receive a rebate for your filled Syndicates

The number of places on our team is limited.  So if you are interested, now is the time to get in touch.

STEP ONE: FOLLOW @CBsyndicates

STEP TWO: DM @CBsyndicates with your email address for information

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