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Colossus launches new greyhound pools with live streaming feature

We are delighted to officially reveal our new greyhound pools, the only multi-leg greyhound pools available to bet on in the UK. Starting this week, Colossus will be offering Win 4 and Win 8 pools across some of the biggest domestic greyhound tracks in partnership with SIS, including Romford, Hove, Monmore and Doncaster.

The pools will have a number of exciting features, including;


Live Streaming

You will be able to watch every race available in our pools through your account. The best part? There is no qualification criteria in order to watch. So whether you’re following your bets or simply want to watch the action unfold, log in to your account and you won’t miss a second.


Big Jackpots

Just like our sport and racing pools we will be offering big Jackpots in our racing pools including Boosted pools and Rollovers.



If you’re looking for guidance on how to tackle one of our pools then why not join a Syndicate? Alternatively, if you fancy yourself as a leader then have you considered creating a Syndicate of your own? Whether you’re a creator or a follower, Colossus Syndicates are the ultimate social betting option.


Cash Out

Our Cash Out facility gives you the option of accepting full or partial Cash Out offers while your ticket is still live, in order to guarantee yourself a return. There is an art to timing the perfect Cash Out with potentially difficult legs approaching and judging how much of the ticket you should sell.


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