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Colossus Q&A: Jess Laney | Community & Syndicates Manager

In the third of our Colossus Q&A series, we speak to Jess Laney who is our Community & Syndicates Manager.


Name: Jess Laney

Job Title: Community & Syndicates Manager

How long have you worked at Colossus? 8 months

What does a typical day in your role look like? I’m in direct contact with our Syndicate Captains. That can involve answering a DM at 7am or midnight and assisting the Marketing team. I consider my role an online version of managing my old betting shop, although thankfully without punters spitting on the machines and threatening to “iron me out”. It all got a bit ‘Minder’ every now and then.

What is the one feature or sport you would like to see Colossus add? A couple of us had bees in our bonnets regarding the darts Premier League. Being a positive company we got it off the ground and I’m proud to say I was involved. I think a finishing order pool in the F1 would be good, it’s probably the only thing that would make that sport interesting.

If you weren’t a Community & Syndicates Manager what would you be? My last venture pre-Colossus was funding and staging a 3 day music festival with my partner, I also used to DJ Indie nights in London. Maybe I could’ve become the 1st Indie Bookie?

Favourite sport? I can watch all sport but snooker is probably my favourite

Favourite football team? AFC Bournemouth

Favourite film? Not a film man and I’ve only watched about 10 in my life. I’ve never seen a James Bond or Star Wars film, is that weird? In that case, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Favourite TV series? Peep Show

Top 3 albums of all time? Half Man Half Biscuit – Back In The DHSS Again, The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses, The Music – The Music

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life? Heavily buttered and well toasted white bread

Quiet night in or loud night out? Bit of both, mush!



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