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Colossus Q&A: Charlotte Farr | Head of Business Development

In the fourth of our Colossus Q&A series, we speak to Charlotte Farr who is our Head of Business Development.


Name: Charlotte at work but this usually gets shortened to Char.

Job Title: Head of Business Development

How long have you worked at Colossus? It’s actually my 5 year anniversary with Colossus on the 25th May so sadly it’s looking as though I will be celebrating in isolation rather than with the Colossus Family.

What does a typical day in your role look like? NEVER DULL! This has been my saying since my first day at Colossus and it’s still just as relevant today. Although my job title is Head of Business Development due to me being with the company from the early days, I tend to have my fingers in a lot of different pies like press and media, our charity Conscious Colossus, account management, HR etc.

What is the one feature or sport you would like to see Colossus add? The team have been working on single event pools which is something that I am particularly excited about as it gives us a lot more opportunity for both our B2C side of things as well as with our B2B network.

Funniest moment working at Colossus? There have been a few over the years, my first event at the iGaming Supershow in 2015 was certainly an eyeopener as they tried to get us to eat out of dog bowls at the Amsterdam Supperclub. The first Fire and ICE I attended in 2016 definitely didn’t disappoint and I know there were a few laughs when the Jack-in-the-box trick failed whilst doing the office move back in 2017.

If you weren’t Head of Business Development what would you be? I use to work in events and luxury lifestyle which I really enjoyed so could see myself going back to that but I have also always wanted to help out at Great Ormond Street too.

Favourite sport? This is when it gets controversial. I most enjoy watching rugby but, if you are talking about playing, it has to be cheerleading! Yes I’ve heard it all before “that’s not a sport” but all I can say to those who don’t think it’s a sport, try throwing someone in the air and catching them, it’s the biggest workout you will ever get!

Favourite football team? Crystal Palace all the way! South London and proud.

Favourite film? When it comes to films I’m mainly a rom-com kind of girl, so films like Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman, however, I am also partial to an old school thriller like Seven.

Favourite TV series? When it comes to a good series I like things like Killing Eve, You, and Bad Blood.

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life? I’m presuming we aren’t classifying Cadbury’s as a meal? I would have to go with my dad’s salmon pasta, he is an ex chef and makes the most amazing food!

Quiet night in or loud night out? A quiet night in. However, usually when this is planned it ends up with cocktails round one of the girls, so not so quiet in the end.



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