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best stanley cup moments


5 of the best Stanley Cup moments

The Stanley Cup is the greatest prize in ice hockey and is awarded to the team who emerge victorious from the annual NHL playoffs. Over the years the playoffs have produced some unforgettable which we decided to take a nostalgic look at. Here are our five best Stanley Cup moments.


5 best Stanley Cup moments


A rookie won the Stanley Cup

Anybody who says a rookie can’t win the Stanley Cup should be reminded of Ken Dryden, who led the Canadiens to win the Stanley Cup in 1972.

Dryden had barely participated in the Candiens season, playing just six NHL games before the 1971 playoffs. However, when they came knocking he took on a starring role and led the Canadiens past the heavy defence mounted by the North Stars in the playoff semi-finals.


David Perron’s goal

David Perron goal in the 2019 playoff final for the St Louis Blues against the Boston Bruins has gone down as one of the most controversial goals in NHL history.

Perron had attempted to make a pass to teammate Tyler Bozak across but was blocked. With the puck returned to him, he made for the goal in that third period of Game 5 against St. Louis.

While the general belief is that the goal shouldn’t have been rewarded as Tyler Bozak had tripped St. Louis’ player, Noel Acciair across the wall, the whistle wasn’t blown.

So, Perron scored the opening goal for the Blues shortly before they doubled their lead.


Konstantinov receives the Stanley Cup

One of the most tragic incidents in NHL history led to one of the best Stanley Cup moments in 1998.

The Detroit Red Wings won the 1997 edition of the Stanley Cup and Vladimir Konstantinov, as well as two teammates, hired a limosine to take themselves and the trophy home after a golf day. However, unbeknown to them the driver had been disqualified from driving and crashed the limousine into a tree, injurying all three of the passengers, two of whom went into comas. Konstantinov was paralysed and never played hockey again.

His team, the Detroit Red Wings actually retained the Stanley Cup a year later and Konstantinov was brought onto the ice in his wheelchair to lift the trophy, while the NHL gave special dispensation for his name to be engraved on the trophy.


Laila Kisses the Cup

The inspirational sight of the Stanley Cup being lifted hasn’t always been exclusive to NHL players and staff and truly one of the greatest moments in Stanley Cup history was the sight of Laila Anderson on the ice.

Laila is a huge Blues fan who sadly also suffers from Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis. After the Blues won the cup, defenseman Colton Parayko helped Layla onto the ice and towards the trophy where the pair lifted lifted the trophy together. It was a magical moment and well done to Parayko for making it happen.


Charles Glenn’s final song

After 19 years in the job, long-time St Louis Blues anthem singer Charles Glenn was forced to give up the role owing to his increasing battle against multiple sclerosis in 2019 with his team in the Stanley Cup final.

In game 6 of the seven game series, the Blues were leading 3-2 against the Boston Bruins and needed just one victory to land the trophy, in what would have been an extremely fitting farewell to Glenn’s career as he sung the national anthem for the final time before kick-off.

He belted out a pitch perfect and very emotional performance that had the crowd on their feet cheering as he departed the ice. It wasn’t to be a fairytale ending as the Blues actually lost the game before landing the Stanley Cup in the finale.




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