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Space Burger Crash Lands At Colchester United’s Training Ground

Space Burger Crash Lands At Colchester United’s Training Ground

In one of the most bizarre stories of the week, a UFO landed at Colchester United’s training ground on Wednesday. By UFO, we do of course mean an Unidentified Fried Object.

According to the club’s Twitter feed, their media department were informed that a burger, attached to a Go Pro camera, had been discovered at the training base.

With no indication on how the burger had arrived there or who had left it, Colchester’s ground staff were left scratching their heads, until they received a mysterious phone call.

The caller revealed that he was from Sheffield and was responsible for the burger’s presence at the ground, as he had sent it into space.

At this point, with April Fools Day just around the corner and an away trip to Cambridge United on Saturday, Colchester might have assumed that the burger was either a hoax or a bizarre attempt to disrupt their pre-match preparations. However, the mystery man insisted that it was genuine and that he was going to make the 180 mile trip from Sheffield to collect it.

Several hours later and the unidentified man appeared at the ground, revealing himself to be popular YouTuber Tom Stanniland, better known as ‘Killem’. The Sheffield native had attached a Big Mac to a weather balloon and sent it into space to see how it would affect the taste of the burger, dubbed ‘The McArmstrong’.

However the McArmstrong, which had flown high enough to freeze, had crash-landed at Colchester’s Florence Park training complex kickstarting the bizarre chain of events.

With the mystery explained, the only remaining question was how the burger tasted. On his official YouTube channel, having been asked whether the burger tasted ‘out of this world’, Stanniland replied: “It’s not nice. It’s drying my mouth out.”

Perhaps in the future he will stick to Mars Bars and Space Raiders.


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