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What is a FreePlay?

Colossus Bets customers can receive FreePlay tokens into their account. These tokens give players the opportunity to play for a huge Jackpot in a real money pool with real money prizes!

Not only is it free to play, but you also get leg-by-leg Cash Out offers and Consolation prizes for those near misses!


How do I claim my token?

It’s easy to get involved. Just register with Colossus and head to the FreePlay page! When you have a FreePlay token given to you, you will see your token appear here.



Flexible FreePlay Tokens

You may see that some FreePlay tokens are appear as ‘Flexible’ in the title.

You are in control of these tokens and can choose to play your token into any of the pools which are shown! For example, you may have the choice to play your token into any football pool or any 1X2 pool.



Making your selections

Simply pick those selections that you feel are most likely to land. Once you’ve filled out your ticket, hit ‘Play for Free’ which confirms the ticket.


Keep track of your FreePlay tickets

Once the pool in which you have played your FreePlay ticket into has kicked off, you can keep track of the progress of the ticket. Do this by logging into your player account and navigating to ‘My tickets’ page. Open the ticket to see any Cash Out offers you may have and view what selections you have for future legs.

Get involved

Create an account and remember to keep an eye on our Twitter for news of any FreePlay giveaways! Best of luck.


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