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Tips and tricks on how to fill a Colossus Syndicate

We’ve all been there. We get a bit over excited sometimes. But we when it comes to filling a Colossus Syndicate – remember less haste more speed!

You need a few hours before a pool closes to get enough people to fill your Syndicate.

You can’t rush full steam into a Syndicate with 3 minutes to go.

Keep reading for more tips!

Socialise for Syndicate Success

To start filling your Colossus Syndicate you need to start spreading the news!

Get your automatic Tweet out ASAP! Hit the ‘Click to share’ button when you have made your selections!

Syndicate ticket to share

Share your Syndicate Ticket














Keep Socialising your Syndicate!

Syndicate tweet

Syndicate Captain tweet

This Syndicate Captain is onto a winner!

Make sure you give your friends and followers clear instructions!

Clear instructions from Uber Syndicate

Tweets from Uber Tipster







It’s getting competitive!

ABC! Always be closing! Keep selling your ticket!

Super Syndicate Seller

Super Syndicate Seller






Share your Syndicate name and Reference code!

Include your Syndicate name and Code!

Include your name and Code!


You will need about 10 people to fill your Syndicate!

More expensive Syndicates require more contributions. Remember if you have a large ticket then you will need several contributors.

Give your Syndicate a great name! So they can find and remember it.

Keep it simple? Money

Money! Great Colossus Syndicate name!




Inspirational! – Let’s Do this!








Whatever way you choose!  Make sure you give your Syndicate a clear name! So people can spot you quickly in the list. They can also use the search bar too!

You manage Cash Out on behalf of your Syndicate so keep them up to date!

Give them a Colossus bonus!

Remind your friends and followers! That they will need to Login or Register.

Here is a nice brucey-bonus to give your followers! They can Register with the bonus code ‘Twitter’.

Sign up using 'TWITTER" to get this offer!

Colossus bonus code










Why Join a Colossus Syndicate?

  • Increase your probability of winning
  • Choose which tickets to join
  • Benefit from the knowledge of other punters

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