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Wealthiest sports teams in the world | Top 10

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge financial impact on sports teams from around the world. Yet, an ongoing loss in matchday revenue due to matches taking place behind closed doors is a drop in the financial ocean for the world’s richest sport franchises. Here are the the top ten wealthiest sports teams in the world in 2020.


Wealthiest sports teams in the world


  1. Manchester United – $3.81 billion

Huge sponsorship deals with the likes of Adidas and Chevrolet has seen the Red Devils’ revenue go from strength to strength in recent years, culminating in a $3.81 billion valuation.

Despite a turbulent past few seasons for the trophy accustomed Manchester side, they still retain their place as the rich sports team in England and third wealthiest in Europe.


  1. New York Giants – $3.9 billion

One of the NFL’s five founding teams, the New York Giants have amassed a substantial fortune in their almost 100-year life-span. On-pitch results haven’t been kind to Giants fans in recent years as they’ve had to watch their team win just one title in the past decade.

Just because a franchise is in a trophy drought, however, doesn’t necessarily mean their finances are in the same state.

It’s hard to believe a team that was initially purchased for $500 is now worth $3.9 billion and is ninth on our list of wealthiest sports teams in the world.


  1. Barcelona – $4.02 billion

With a record 74 domestic trophies, Barcelona are one of the greatest football franchises to grace the sport, both competitively and financially.

There a few accolades that the Catalan natives are yet to win and despite current concerns around a possible departure of superstar Lionel Messi, the team’s revenue, fan-base and trophy cabinet continue to be on the rise year after year.


  1. New England Patriots – $4.1 billion

Founded in 1959, the now six-time Super Bowl champions are one of the most successful NFL teams in the history of the sport.

Bill Belichick has ushered in the greatest era for the Patriots and, despite recently losing Tom Brady, one of the NFL’s greats, the franchise has shown no signs of slowing down. The Brady-Belichick dynasty secured both Super Bowl appearance (9) and win (6) records, as well as helping the team bring in a cool $4.1 billion to put them in at spot number 7 of the wealthiest sports teams in the world.


  1. Real Madrid – $4.24 billion

Spanish giants Real Madrid are the richest football team in the world, coming in at number 6 on the list with a net worth of $4.24 billion. Voted the FIFA club of the century in December 2000, the Bernabéu natives have one of the greatest trophy cabinets in all of football.

With 66 domestic titles and 26 European and worldwide titles, it’s easy to see how they’ve amassed a fan base which occupies every corner of the globe which, combined with giant sponsorship deals, has helped them to rise the financial ranks.


  1. Golden State Warriors – $4.3 billion

San Francisco natives, the Golden State Warriors, are multiple NBA record holders with an impressive resume to boot. They have the highest win percentage in a single season, the most wins in a season and the best postseason performance, as well as consistently winning titles in recent years, this franchise seems deserving of such a high placement.

Having one of the biggest names in basketball, Steph Curry, on your roster definitely has its upsides. In 2018 they were placed tenth on the rich list. Now, just two years later they’ve doubled their position to fifth with a massive $4.3 billion valuation.


  1. LA Lakers – $4.4 billion

World-renowned basketball superstars the Los Angeles Lakers have seen 27 of their former players inducted into the basketball hall of fame and now sit as the fourth richest sports teams in the world with a net worth of $4.4 billion.

The LA Lakers host an incredibly impressive trophy cabinet with 16 Championships, 31 Conference Titles, 24 Division Titles and 11 retired jersey numbers. They also hold the record for the NBA’s longest winning streak, coming in at 33 straight victories. Impressive.


  1. New York Knicks – $4.6 billion

Despite their current title and trophy dry spell, the New York Knicks have retained incredible financial success, securing them a spot as the third wealthiest sports team in the world.

Financial success clearly doesn’t mean guaranteed on-court results however. The Knicks have won just one playoff series in the last ten years and have changed coaches every other year (on average) since 2001.

The team owes its fortune in part to its ownership and the spectacle of playing their home games at the world-renowned Madison Square Garden. Tickets, sponsorships and fixed revenues amount to huge yearly sums for the franchise, netting them a giant $4.6 billion valuation.


  1. New York Yankees – $5 billion

Coming in at a close second is a franchise with potentially the most globally recognised logo in modern sports – the New York Yankees.

One of the most successful teams in all of American sport, the Yankees boast 27 World Series titles, 40 AL Pennants, 19 East Division Titles and have had 11 players inducted into the baseball hall of fame and are a close-runner up to the wealthiest team in the world.


  1. Dallas Cowboys – $5.5 billion

Sitting proudly atop our list of the wealthiest sports teams in the world, the Dallas Cowboys seemingly have no intention of budging any time soon

Five years as the world’s richest franchise, twelve years as the world’s richest NFL team and the first NFL team to be valued at $5 billion is no easy feat.

The team was acquired by Jerry Jones in 1989 for $150 million which, compared to today’s valuation of $5.5 billion, means the American business magnate has overseen a staggering increase of 3500% in the team’s value. Staggering.



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