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The greatest rivalries in Mexican football

There’s no denying the passion and love for football in Mexico. Mexicans adore the beautiful game and this passion spills out whether it be in Liga MX, Liga Ascenso or in amateur games. All this has seen heated rivalries emerge as clubs fight for success cheered on by some of the most vocal fans found anywhere on the planet. It’s meant that some of the biggest and fiercest rivalries in the sport can be found in Mexico. Some matches even shut down some of the largest cities in the world whilst they are on. With that in mind, what are the greatest rivalries in Mexican football?


El Super Clasico: America vs Chivas Guadalajara

There’s no bigger game in North American football than El Super Clasico. In a battle between Mexico’s biggest cities and clubs, it sees Club America, from Mexico City, face Chivas Guadalajara. There’s no love lost between both sides especially with their large reputation. Having won a combined 25 league titles between them, you can almost guarantee that a season can be defined by a result in this big match. With legions of fans watching the game across the world, nothing quite showcases the passion and intensity of Mexican football quite like this clash of the titans!


Clasico Joven: America vs Cruz Azul

It’s the biggest derby in one of the world’s biggest cities! You can almost guarantee that Mexico City will freeze when America and Cruz Azul clash for bragging rights in the Mexican capital. It began in the 1970s when Cruz Azul rose to prominence and ended up beating the more established Club America for titles including a huge league win in 1972. From then, Cruz Azul have just had the edge over America with a win record of 19-17. If you add to the mix that these clashes take part in famous sporting theatres such as the Estadio Azteca and it sets the scene for fascinating showdowns each and every time the two sides clash.


Clasico Regio: Monterrey vs Tigres

In recent times, the matches between Monterrey and Tigres have defined season-long title campaigns. Both Monterrey-based sides have been hugely successful in the 21st century and have attracted big names from all over the globe. This has cast new eyes on both this intense derby as well as Liga MX in a whole. Having seen the likes of Timothee Kolodziejczak and Pierre-Andre Gignac appear in these epic tussles, it has added a touch of class to what is often a feisty affair. It was why it was this particular match that became the first Mexican derby to be played overseas in 2006 in the US and has continued to thrive as one of the biggest games in Mexico no matter what prize may be on the line.


Clasico Tapatio: Chivas vs Atlas

No games quite have the long history and rivalries as the clash between Guadalajara sides Chivas and Atlas has. First played in 1916, the Clasico Tapatio has long echoed the social divides running in both the region and the country as a whole. With Chivas representing lower classes compared to the wealthy followers of Atlas, matches are often played with high tempers. This stretches back even as far as 1918 when Chivas refused to face Atlas after they were upset by numerous refereeing decisions. Since then, Chivas has enjoyed more success than Atlas but it hasn’t stopped these matches from being competitive encounters.


Clasico Capitalino: America vs Pumas

Mexico City has been the home of numerous teams over the years and this has seen secondary rivalries form such as the clash between Club America and UNAM Pumas. Representing the Universidad Nacional de Mexico, the Pumas are only 1 mile from America’s home ground and it’s this proximity that has seen this rivalry blossom over the decades. It is a clash that means quite a lot to Pumas with fans and club officials often shunned by their cross-town rivalries when it comes to their achievements. It’s why such ferocity is brought to the pitch when these sides meet in one of the more fascinating games in Mexican football.

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