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NBA Syndicate wins €5,792 in our Rollover

Premier League

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The NBA is back! We marked the start of the 2018/19 regular season with a Point Margin Pick 5 Rollover!

The Pick 5 pools proved a hit with customers when we introduced them last year and we’re pleased to see them return at after a four month break.

Last year’s 3rd seed in the East (Philadelphia 76ers) travelled to last year’s 2nd seed in the East (Boston Celtics) in the season opener, before the Oklahoma City Thunder travelled to reigning NBA Champions (and champions in three of the past four seasons), the Golden State Warriors.

The Celtics’ blowout of the 76ers (which served as leg 1 in our £64,556 Rollover) was a bit of a coupon buster for players. Of the total 17,329 Units in the pool, there were only 63.7 left after Boston’s 18 point victory.


Kevin Durant, who spent 8 years at OKC, scored 27 points against his former side as the Warriors won by 8 – this scoreline was a little more forgiving for punters.

Still, that left only 10.9 Units live for the win after just two legs!

A part of that 10.9 Units was a Syndicate Captained by Vuoksenmaa that was comprised of 27 unique contributors. They had fractionally staked (at €0.20 / line) which meant they were only playing for one tenth of the total Rollover prize – €6,456.

On Wednesday morning, the Captain decided to Cash Out 10% of the Syndicate ticket for €191 – meaning that contributors were returned with a little more than their stake and were now ‘freerolling’ for a piece of the prize.

Later that day, before any of the last three legs were in play, the Captain decided to take another 10% for €191 which meant that contributors had now secured a little over double their original stake.

Leg 3 saw the Milwaukee Bucks edge out a 1-point victory at the Hornets, despite Charlotte’s Kemba Walker scoring 41 points.

Orlando beat Miami by 3 points in leg 4, leaving just 0.41 units left that could win a part of the prize. But it was Utah’s 6-point victory at the Sacramento Kings that knocked the rest of the tickets out, making Vuoksenmaa’s Syndicate the only winners in the pool.

Their Cash Out of €382 along with their winning dividend of €5,410 resulted in a combined total of €5,792.

If you’d have owned 10% of the ticket, it would have cost you €18 and returned you a chunky €579!

See their ticket below.

Given that the prize was not won in full (with just 0.08 winning Units), there will be another NBA Point Margin Pick 5 Rollover soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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