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Introducing The Greyhound Trust: Homing over 4,000 greyhounds per year

Who are The Greyhound Trust?

The Greyhound Trust is the only UK-wide charity devoted solely to the welfare of racing greyhounds throughout their racing life and in retirement.  The Greyhound Trust’s vision is a day when all racing greyhounds retire to loving homes and are treated with compassion and kindness, and their mission is to provide good lives, bright futures and loving homes in retirement for racing greyhounds. For more information, click here.

What do they do?

Governed by a board of trustees, The Greyhound Trust operates a network of over 50 branches across the UK which are run by over 1,000 volunteers. Many of these branches possess kennels which play host to retired racing greyhounds who require permanently rehoming. The public are able to meet the dogs with a view to adopting them.

In addition to organising a wide variety of fundraising activities for their volunteer fundraisers, from cake sales and quiz nights to skydives and marathons, the charity also run a monthly lottery draw with all proceeds going towards helping the greyhounds.

Why have we chosen to support them?

Racing animal welfare is a perennially controversial topic and many take the activist approach of demanding an industry ban. As a team with a strong ‘do-er’ culture, we immediately connected with the Greyhound Trust’s pragmatic, ‘do first’ attitude which, for over four decades, has driven them to re-home thousands of dogs, while advocating greyhound welfare.

What is Conscious Colossus?

Conscious Colossus is a charitable initiative designed to target several areas of responsibility and covering a wide range of causes, including the advancement of sport within communities, responsible gambling education and animal welfare. Our nominated charities are Alive and Kicking, the Greyhound Trust and YGAM. Conscious Colossus commits to support these charities through funding, team volunteer days, fundraisers as well as raising awareness of their objectives through our own channels.

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