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What are the craziest football world records ever?

Everyone loves the idea of being the best in the world. Football fans across the globe debate endlessly about the greatest players, managers and teams of all time. Fanatics share and compare statistics of goals scored and minutes played. Pundits discuss last decade’s superstars and argue over this year’s Ballon D’Or nominations. Today we look at those undeniable greats. Players, games and goals that have to be seen to be believed. Football world records that have not, and may never, be broken. Here are five of the craziest football world records of all time.


Longest Game of Football

When looking down a list of football records to find the longest game of football ever played, you would probably expect to see an extra-time cup final with a dragged out penalty shootout or something similar but that’s not quite the case. Heartbeat United hold the current world record with a staggering match playtime of 108 hours.

Organised to raise money for both the British Heart Foundation and to erect monuments for the victims of the Shoreham Air disaster, thirty-six men and women were rotated in and out for the longest continuous game of football ever played.

The final score was a very high-scoring 1,009 – 874 which, reportedly, was flattering on the home side.


Highest Game of Football

Although the Bolivian ‘El Alto Municipal Stadium’ holds the record for highest stadium above sea level, the team at Equal Playing Field managed to take it to the next level in 2017 with their own contribution to football world records.

The all women’s side battled against the elements in a six-day climb to play a game of football in a volcanic crater on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Followed by a documentary crew, the group made up of Olympic medalists and international-level players made the ascent to raise awareness for inequalities in female sport, as well as to inspire the next generation of women footballers.

The game itself was played at an altitude of 5,714m and ended as a 0-0 draw.


Quickest Red Card

In 2013, Serge Dijeouha somehow managed to spend more time warming up than he did on the pitch. Gyflfadas, the Greek division two side, were trailing Olympiakos Volos 3-1 when Dijeouha was brought on to try and turn the tide late in the second half.

In what was a fairly light decision by the referee, Dijeouha was sent back to the stands after being in the game for just seven seconds. In what was probably a mix of shock and disbelief, Dijeouha walked back to the sidelines clapping and smiling – at least he got a laugh out of it. You’d have to say that the opposing player went down fairly easily.




Longest Penalty Shootout

You’d be forgiven for not knowing too much about the Namibian football league, but the 2005 cup-tie between KK Palace and FC Civics put the division on the world stage.

The game finished as the longest penalty shootout of all time. After a standard 2-2 draw, the two teams slugged it out over penalties and managed to rack up an incredible 48 spot-kicks before KK Palace claimed the trophy, beating out their opponents 17-16. That means that, of the 48 penalties taken, 15 were missed.


Longest Headed Goal

Everyone remembers David Beckham’s infamous goal from his own half against Wimbloedon at Selhurst Park but imagine scoring from behind the halfway line with a header! Because that’s exactly what Jone Samuelsen did in 2011.

In the final minutes of a Norwegian league game between Odd Grenland and Tromso, a failed corner turned counter-attack had the Tromso goalkeeper out in no man’s land (or a Bærtur as they say in Norway.)

A loose ball was headed upfield by Samuelsen and with some potential wind assistance, found its way into the back of the net – all from around 60 yards.




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