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Conscious Colossus take on the Market Place Challenge

With Christmas just around the corner, Conscious Colossus are supporting Alive and Kicking during the festive season by taking on the Market Place Challenge. So, what exactly does that mean and how can you get involved as well? Read on to find out.


What is the Market Place Challenge?


The Coronavirus crisis continues to impact retail and charities across the UK, after shops were closed once again during the second lockdown and charitable events look set to be restricted for the foreseeable future under the new tier system.

This means that charities, such as Alive and Kicking whose charitable impact is driven by ball sales, need your support more than ever in the build up to Christmas. With that in mind they have created an innovative team challenge called the Market Place Challenge. It involves individuals or teams signing up and receiving a unique discount code which they, in turn, share through their networks and to their followers. The code gives 10% off the wide range of balls available for purchase in the Alive and Kicking shop.

Whichever team manages to generate the most sales for Alive and Kicking throughout the month of December will win a selection of Alive and Kicking goodies. So how can you get involved and why should you?


How can you get involved?


Conscious Colossus have signed up to the Market Place Challenge and we need your help. There are two courses of action that you can take to support us.


  1. Visit the Alive and Kicking shop and buy a ball using our exclusive discount code ‘COLOSSUS’ when you checkout, to receive 10% off your order. Every purchase you make will contribute towards creating ethical jobs and providing young people with access to sport and health education across Africa. Aside from anything else, the balls make a fantastic Christmas gift! To find out more about the impact of Alive and Kicking, click here.
  2. Share and engage with our Conscious Colossus social posts. More shares equals more awareness and, hopefully, sales. If we win the challenge it will mean more goodies to give away to our followers. Sharing one of our posts costs nothing and could make a real difference.


Vote for our new ball design


In addition to supporting the Market Place Challenge, we need you to help us decide the design of our new Alive and Kicking ball. You can have your say in the Twitter poll below.


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