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2020/21 kits


2020/21 Kits | Leaked Premier League kits

2020/21 Kits | Leaked Premier League kits

It’s that time of year when next season’s kits are gradually being leaked to the delight, and sometimes horror, of fans. So here are the 2020/21 kits that we have been leaked so far from the Premier League.


Arsenal 2020/21 Kits – Home

There’s a touch of the retro in Arsenal’s new home shirt which evokes memories of the 90’s in its prominent triple Adidas stripe down the sides. If they can just bring back some of the football they played in that era as well then they’re set.



Liverpool 2020/21 Kits – Home

Liverpool’s first kit in their new deal with Nike could have made its debut at the end of the season due to the postponement past their previous deal with New Balance expiring. However, an agreement was made to postpone the new Nike deal. Their new kit breaks up the red with white and turquise trim, in addition to a touching tribute to the 96 victime of the tragic Hillsborough disaster.



Manchester City 2020/21 Kits — Home / Away / 3rd

Three kits which have polarised opinion so far among fans. The home kit resembles cracked ice, the away kit has been described as looking ‘like a bus seat’ and the third kit? Well, that has been the most controversial of all. Liam Gallagher, never one to mince his words, said in a now-deleted Tweet that ‘whoever is responsible for that new Man City kit needs putting on the next flight to WUHAN’. Bit harsh possibly, Liam.



Manchester United 2020/21 Kits – Home

The Red Devils will be wearing a simplistic new effort which is primarily red with subtle black streaks throughout. Unfortunately they could have the most stunning kit ever devised and it would still be tainted by that awful Chevrolet logo.



Tottenham Hotspur 2020/21 Kits – Home / Away / 3rd

Yikes. Spurs haven’t come out of the kit leaks particularly well with three fairly garish choices for the fans to make. However, one posiive omen could be that the last time they wore a green kit, they overcame Ajax to reach the Champions League final.




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