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worst football haircuts


Worst football haircuts of all time – top 10

Many footballers are style and fashion icons who earn as much from their lucrative sponsorship and modelling deals as they do from playing the beautiful game. However, there are a few who don’t play by the rules and go rogue in their quest to look stylish. With that in mind, here is our list of the ten worst football haircuts of all time.


Worst football haircuts of all time


10. David Seaman

An iconic look for an iconic player. David Seaman is arguably the finest goalkeeper in the history of England and Arsenal but he is also known for the ponytail that he rocked through the nineties and noughties. Seaman looked like the kind of guy who was equally likely to save a penalty as he was to save you 10% on the Fiat Punto he was trying to flog you. Bizarrely, after finally cutting it off he reportedly keeps it at home for posterity.



9. Ivan Perisic

There’s nothing wrong with supporting your country in an international competition but there are limits. In Euro 2016 Ivan Perisic decided to show the well just how committed to the cause he was by dying his hair the red and white of Croatia. What resulted wasn’t quite Peter Wright and was far closer to Peter Wrong. Thankfully Croatia were eliminated in the last 16 and we were spared it any longer.



8. Rodrigo Palacio

In at number 8 and unquestionably one of the worst football haircuts of all time, Rodrigo Palacio and his rat-tail. The Argentina international made a mockery of his move to Inter Milan by putting a stylistic stain on the landscape of the world’s fashion capital. Shocking.



7. Gervinho

Sometimes in life you have to recognise a lost cause. Gervinho can’t be blamed for refusing to mentally accept defeat to baldness, no man wants to lose his hair. However, as much as his attempts to wear a giant headband to cover it up were commendable, they were also fooling nobody.



6. Ronaldo

Making an absolute mockery of men across the world, such as Gervinho, who have seen their hairline gradually retreat up their foreheads, in the 2002 World Cup Ronaldo decided to shave everything on his head except that bit of hair. Some would argue that him winning the golden boot and firing Brazil to the trophy made up for one of the worst football haircuts of all time but not me. A disgrace.



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5. Romania

What is is about World Cups that makes footballers lose the plot with their hair? In 1998 the entire Romanian national team saw fit to bleach their hair blonde. How nobody put a stop to it is beyond comprehension and one can only assume that it was a ploy to confuse their opposition or perhaps prevent them running through laughter. A full two years before Eminem released ‘The Real Slim Shady’, did this influence the music video? Will The Real Dan Petrescu please stand up?



4. Marouane Chamakh

It’s tough to know what to say about this one. What you’d give to be a fly on the wall in the hairdressers when former Crystal Palace and Arsenal forward Marouane Chamakh said “I want a partial mullet at the back, half a mohawk in the middle and, at the front, make it look like I’ve fallen asleep at a party and my mates have attacked me with the clippers. Finish it off with half a pot of Brylcreem.” Not just one of the worst football haircuts in history, one of the worst haircuts in history.



3. Carlos Valderrama

Now we’re cooking. Probably THE most iconic haircut in football history. Carlos Valderrama’s blonde afro was a thing of beauty and recognised around the world in the 90s. The Colombian shocked the world recently by straightening it with frankly terrifying results.



2. David Beckham

The man who became a global fashion icon in a way that no sportsman had before him. David Beckham shocked the world when he debuted a set of horrifying cornrows. Annoyingly, the bloke was so good looking that he almost pulled them off but we have no choice but to feature him highly on this list regardless. He has said since that it is the one hairstyle that he truly regrets.



1. Abel Xavier

In at number one on our list of the worst football haircuts of all time, it can be no other than Abel Xavier. Nobody over the years has shown as much commitement to radically terrible haircuts as the former Everton, Liverpool and Middlesbrough star. He deserves massive credit for creativity and for clearly not caring what we think but, regardless, he is the undisputed number one of woeful barnets.




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