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Profitable Weekend for FSG and BBtipster!

It seemed that buddysbollox (FSG) had the lucky touch this weekend, both as a Syndicate captain and as part of Colossus regular BBtipster’s Syndicate.

Pick 3 Rollover Winner – FSG Syndicate lands £1,241

With 6 score selections on the France-Netherlands game and 13 selections covering the Bulgaria-Sweden fixture, it was strange to see that FSG had a sole scoreline selection in the Czech Republic-Germany game.


It just so happens that 2-1 to Germany came in (never in doubt…), with a brilliant Mats Hummels header two minutes from time. After an early Germany goal from Werner, it looked as if it was going to be an easy day’s work for the current World Cup Champions, but it wasn’t the case. The Czechs piled on the pressure throughout and finally got their reward in the 78th minute from Hertha Berlin’s Vladimir Darida. But it didn’t last too long, exactly 10 minutes later, after the relentless attacking force of Germany yielded no results, up steps the reliable big man, centre-half Mats Hummels to save both the day, and FSG’s Syndicate! Not only were the selections on point, the Syndicate Captain also showed his strategic prowess and experience by cashing out 40% (£20.40) after the 2nd leg, enabling a free roll into the final leg!


BBtipster nailed Sunday’s Pick 3 for £1,111

FSG also found himself in a great Syndicate orchestrated by the ever consistent BBtipster.

What impressed us was how precise the imagination of the games were. BBtipster had a hunch the Portsmouth-Rotherham game was to be under 2.5 goals, therefore he covered them all. He knew the likelihood of Netherlands being able to score at least two, but not necessarily running away with the game against Bulgaria. He also felt that Belgium would definitely beat Greece, but would also concede. The logical thought and knowledge put into this Syndicate makes BBtipster one to keep an eye on in the next few weeks. Everyone in this Syndicate saw a x30 return on their investment, not a bad day’s work.

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