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Spurs sack Pochettino: Best Twitter reactions

Following the sensational news on Tuesday night that Mauricio Pochettino had left Spurs, Twitter predictably erupted. We take a look at the best Twitter reactions that we could find. Caution: Some very strong language!


Spurs dropped the bombshell at around 19:30 on Tuesday night by releasing a club statement.



An initial reaction was of concern for one of Spurs’ most emotional players.



However, it soon turned to anger among the fanbase as they came to terms with the popular Argentine departing.



Pochettino isn’t the only high profile manager to have struggled recently.



Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Unai Emery will definitely have been relieved that it wasn’t their turn.



It was pointed out that, despite the fans adoring him, Pochettino hadn’t won a trophy at the club.



In fact several of people pointed it out.



And another.



Speculation about the identity of Pochettino’s successor soon began, with one former England manager in the frame.

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Or would a former manager be making a return?



One surprising candidate soon emerged.



Jeff Stelling put the cat among the pigeons when he suggested a controversial possible destination for the outgoing Pochettino.



And Arsenal fans soon became excited about the idea.



One user suggested that it might even set off a managerial chain of events.



Most users though were just thoroughly entertained by the whole affair.



The last word went to a Spurs fan who was clearly hating the entire situation.



He did suggest one way it could get worse. But that couldn’t happen, could it?

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