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Seven Days in Seven Points

Could Leicester actually do it?

Technically they could, of course. But will they? No. I have absolutely no doubts in my mind that – at some point – the Foxes will be caught out. The real question should be whether or not Ranieri’s men can finish in the top four, which I am starting to think they could achieve. If they do get a Champions League spot, then who will miss out? Tottenham, of course.


Tottenham are back to being Tottenham

There is nothing more Tottenham than going on a decent run, giving fans hope of success, and then losing at home to a team that is likely to be fighting for relegation. Tottenham’s defeat to Newcastle at White Hart Lane over the weekend was as disappointing as it was unsurprising. However, there is a chance this was nothing more than a blip. Spurs’ squad is as unified as I’ve ever seen it, and the players appear to have a lot of faith in one another. When the campaign comes to an end, hopefully the Tottenham faithful will be able to look back and see this as a minor blemish in an otherwise impressive season.


The return of the funny football prank!

Not all pranks have to be mean! Kudos to this Manchester City fan.


Brighton’s run is taking everyone by surprise.

And it just doesn’t seem like ending. It doesn’t matter who they come up against, or how well the opposition plays, Hughton’s men can cope. Do I think they will get promoted? No. Do I think they will start to lose soon? Yes. But even so, it’s well worth applauding the form of the Seasiders, because 21 games without loss is a pretty phenomenal run.


How much is Jamie Vardy worth?

He just cannot stop scoring. Jamie Vardy would not have been on many people’s radar before the season started, but his blistering form is a big reason for why Leicester are performing so well. The speculation has already started, with many newspapers claiming that big clubs – most notably Manchester United and Real Madrid –  are keeping an eye on him, but how much is he actually worth? To my mind, he’s still not a top striker. Even though he’s banging in goals, I highly doubt he would be able to do it in consecutive campaigns. I reckon he’ll stay at Leicester beyond next summer, but if Leicester are offered £10m for the 28-year-old, then they should accept immediately.


Will England get out of their Euro 2016 group?

It’s probably fair to say that England’s group could have been both easier and more difficult. Wales will not be an easy game, and nor will Russia, but Hodgson’s men should really be topping this group. I don’t think England are quite good enough to be winning the tournament, but failure to get out of the group will be nothing short of embarrassing.


What next for Chelsea?

It’s getting a bit embarrassing, isn’t it? Losing to Leicester is one thing, but failing to score AND being beaten by Bournemouth at home is something else. Will Mourinho get sacked? I don’t think so. And for one reason – there’s nobody to replace him. Klopp could possibly have done a job at Stamford Bridge, but he is no longer an option. I still think Chelsea will finish in the top 7 this season, but they really have to start winning games soon.

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