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FA Cup 4th Round


FA Cup 4th Round ties in this week’s £800,000 Pick 15

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Every week I will be previewing the weekend Pick 15.

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We will always be going for the Jackpot of £800,000 with a maximum of 64 lines (£128 stake).

We will not Cash Out – we will not fold to pressure – we will win this thing!

Last week there were some nice picks like Newcastle, Southampton and Bristol, but there were also some terrible picks like QPR and Chelsea. Let’s forget about last week forever in fact.

Each week I will be highlighting some fixtures as bankers – games that I have maximum faith in, but you should remain cautious as they don’t always come in.

Last time I didn’t pick any bankers because everything looked too close, but I’ll make up for it this week.

Bankers so far: 21 out of 44 (bleurgh)

Bankers this week: Napoli, Juventus and Forest.

Anyway onto this week…

Newcastle vs Watford

In the reverse fixture the score was 1-1. So I’ve put these teams into my super computer and turns out they’re going to draw again. Probably 1-1. But who trusts super computers? I don’t know why I built it to be honest. I’m going for gut feeling and my gut says Newcastle might take it.

Selection: Home / Draw

Portsmouth vs QPR

This is a bit worrying because Portsmouth, although a league below QPR, do happen to be top of that league. But Leeds were top of the Championship when QPR knocked them out of the FA Cup so I don’t see why that should stop them.

Selection: Away

Brighton vs West Brom

The last time these two played each other in the Premier League West Brom won 2-0, but that was then and this is now. Revenge will be sought and got. Chris Hughton will triumph and West Brom will get back to the more important job of getting promoted.

Selection: Home

Stoke vs Preston

I would normally fancy Stoke for this all day, but I also felt very confident that QPR would stuff Preston last time out and then they lost 4-1! So for that reason I’m covering away too just in case that confidence carries them forward.

Selection: Home / Away

Blackburn vs Hull

Hull are like the Barcelona of the Championship at the moment. They’ve gone from demotion to promotion in no time. I can’t not fancy them right now even against Blackburn. But I’ll cover home too, just in case the fact they let slip a 2-0 advantage against Villa is a sign that the bubble is about to burst.

Selection: Home / Away

Nottingham Forest vs Wigan

Sheffield Wednesday made easy work of Wigan, so Nottingham Forest should have even less trouble.

Selection: Home

Leganes vs Eibar

You’ve got to take the history of these two teams into account, and historically, no-one really cares. In the league there’s not even the slightest hair between them, so I really feel a draw is a decent shout.

Selection: Draw

Werder Bremen vs E Frankfurt

The last two times these teams played Werder Bremen won 2-1. The time before that E Frankfurt won 2-1. These are the kind of games I really like for a draw when the away team are slightly better on paper.

Selection: Draw

AC Milan vs Napoli

Napoli are just a dream to watch. I could sit and watch them in my nightie with a warm cup of cocoa for hours. It could have been so much worse than 2-1 for Lazio – but they did a good job of widening the frames of the goal by about a foot which kept so many goals out. Are AC Milan even as good as Lazio? I don’t think so.

Selection: Away

Valladolid vs Celta Vigo

More excitement from the bottom of La Liga. Thank God there’s a possible £800,000 riding on this to keep it interesting, otherwise I might not be able to keep my eyes open for the whole of this match. It’s anyone’s guess who’s going to win this. Neither team like winning that much so maybe I’ll punt for the draw.

Selection: Draw

Parma vs SPAL 2013

I don’t really know how, but we’re 20 games into the season and Parma are riding high in 9th place above Fiorentina. Football eh? I guess I’d better back them for the win.

Selection: Home

Bologna vs Frosinone

Wake up, it’s a bottom of the table clash between two teams that have 3 wins between them. Bologna are massive odds on favourites with the bookies, so I’m going with them.

Selection: Home

Atalanta vs Roma

You know me – I can’t help but back Atalanta even if they are up against Roma. Atalanta beat Sassuolo 6-2. Roma managed 3-1. Atalanta drew 2-2 with Juventus. Roma lost 1-0. Atalanta destroyed Frosinone 5-0. Roma could only manage a pathetic 4-0. I could go on but I won’t. I might even ditch Leicester and become an Atalanta fan full time. OK I admit they are closely matched and Roma might squeeze out a draw.

Selection: Home / Draw

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham

This South London vs North London scrap in the 4th round of the FA Cup will probably trip a few people up. Including me. Kane and Son Heung-min played in the game against Tranmere when they walloped them 7-0 so you can’t say Spurs aren’t taking it seriously. Palace struggled to get past Grimsby in their last tie, but the performance they put in against Liverpool is fresh in my mind. I’ve got Spurs with the slight edge for the match and a possible push from Palace at the end to force an unwanted replay.

Selection: Draw / Away

Lazio vs Juventus

It’s the final game and if everything’s gone right then we’re only this game away from £800,000. So I’m backing the best team in Serie A to lose. I’m kidding of course. I’m kidding.

Selection: Away

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