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NBA betting predictions: 29th May

NBA expert Dave Gray tackled the £25,000 Point Margin – Pick 5 pool this weekend. Check out his NBA betting predictions and join his Syndicate.


NBA betting predictons


Milwaukee Bucks @ Miami Heat, Saturday 18:30

The Bucks currently lead the series 2-0, and they could well have the chance to wrap up a series sweep here. They were absolutely dominant in game two with a 34 point win and while that sort of scoreline seems unlikely again, they seem to have already broken this Miami team. Giannis Antetokounmpo was as dominant as ever but a franchise record night of three point shooting really buried the Heat.

It is hard to see how Miami turn this one around from here. They just are not that same team from the NBA bubble and they would need to be to steal this one away from Milwaukee. Heading back home may give them a boost, but expect the Bucks to take care of business in a tighter game to kick off the first leg of the NBA betting predictions.

Selections: Bucks 5-8,9-12


Denver Nuggets @ Portland Trail Blazers, Saturday 21:00

This series could go all the way. They split the opening pair of games of the series and this game four could be pivotal. It will either take a team to within one game of a series win, or level things up. It would be hard for either of these to win three straight to come back with them so well matched up.

The Blazers with Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum are a tough pair for any team to handle and I think they can be the difference in this one. Nikola Jokic is likely to be named MVP after carrying this injury hit team through the season, but this may be one step too far.

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Selections: Trail Blazers 5-8,9-12


Philadelphia 76ers @ Washington Wizards, Sunday 00:00

Washington just scraped through to the playoffs but their run is likely to end very shortly. The 76ers really seem to have stepped things up this season. In the past they have been a good team that was just a bit flakey when it really mattered. But with Joel Embiid really making the team his they have turned into legitimate contenders. Picking a result here is tough as the Wizards do have some scoring power with Russell Westbrook. But in this game three it could reach a point where the team just becomes broken.

Selections: 76ers 9-12,13-16,17-20


New York Knicks @ Atlanta Hawks, Sunday 18:00

It was so good to see playoff basketball back at MSG and the game certainly delivered. Trae Young’s clutch basket opened up a 1-0 lead for the Hawks but this could be an excellent round one series. As I did in that first game I lean towards Atlanta. They have been one of the best teams in the league over the second half of the season and Young is the best player in the match up.

I do not expect any of these games to be blowouts so this feels like a leg to hedge your bets a little and go for a tight matchup that could go either way, something I believe we should see all through this series, no matter how many games it goes to.

Selections: Knicks 1-4, Hawks 1-4,5-8


Brooklyn Nets @ Boston Celtics, Monday 00:00

This Nets team just feels a little unfair when they are at full flow as they have been in the opening two games. It does not help that the Celtics team is less than 100% but I do not think it would make much of a difference. I do not think Brooklyn are unbeatable and there is a couple of really physical teams they are likely to have to get through to reach the finals, but the Celtics are not the team to do it.

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The Nets are currently 7.5 point favourites but I would back them to cover that, particularly in a game four that could almost feel like a dead rubber unless Boston can pull off a huge upset in game three. The result feels like a forgone conclusion, it is just picking the margin that is a little tougher. I think we could see the Nets take their foot off the gas a little if this is won, so not going to go for a crazy high win, but it should be more than comfortable in this final leg of our NBA betting predictions.

Selections: Nets 9-12,13-16



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