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Colossus Syndicates – Player Guide

Take on our lotto-sized Jackpots with Syndicates

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve launched our new product – Colossus Syndicates!

We’re here to give you a guide to how to play Syndicates and answer all of those questions you have about it!

Syndicates FAQ

What is Colossus Syndicates?

Syndicates allows you to crowdfund tickets into our lotto-sized Jackpot pools!

What is a Syndicate?

A Syndicate is a group of individuals who combine to promote a common interest.

Why Create a Syndicate?

  1. Create larger tickets to increase your chances of winning.
  2. Share your ticket on social media channels by using the ‘click to share’ and enjoy the action together!
  3. As a Captain, you will be in control of Cash Outs.
  4. All transactions are easily managed in one place.

Syndicate Share


Why join a Colossus Syndicate?

  1. Share the cost of a bigger ticket that has a greater chance of winning a HUGE Jackpot.
  2. Benefit from the knowledge of other players.
  3. Enjoy cheering on a communal bet with fellow pals and punters!

What happens if the Syndicate isn’t filled?

All contributions shall be refunded in the moments after the pool in question kicks off if the ticket is not fully funded. If a ticket is at least 90% funded at the time of the start of the pool, then it will be automatically put in-play.

Min and Max contributions when creating

  • The Syndicate Captain has to purchase at least 10% of each of their Syndicates
  • Syndicate Captains and other contributors can purchase up to 50% of a Syndicate

Syndicate Captains control:

  • Which pools to play and what selections to make
  • When/if to Cash Out on behalf of the Syndicate

Quick guide –  creating a Syndicate

  1. Log in.
  2. Navigate to ‘Syndicates’ & hit ‘Create’.
  3. Choose the pool you want to play and make your selections.
  4. Set your stake per line (beware that altering will affect the size of the Jackpot you are ‘Playing for’).
  5. Name your Syndicate.
  6. Choose how much you want to personally stake in the Syndicate (between 10% and 50%).
  7. Click ‘Confirm’ to finish creating your Syndicate.
  8. Share your Syndicate socially to help make sure it gets funded.
  9. Cheer on the Syndicate with your peers and enjoy the action together!

Remember – you will receive Cash Out offers at intervals (when no games/races in the pool are in-play)

Quick guide to joining a Syndicate

  1. Log in.
  2. Click ‘Syndicates’ or find the pool you want to play and link through to Syndicates for that particular pool.
  3. Browse until you find a ticket in which you like the selections.
  4. Make a contribution to join – play from as little as 20 pence.
  5. Hit ‘Share ticket’ if it still needs more contributions to get funded.
  6. Cheer on the Syndicate with your peers and enjoy the action together!

Get involved

Now that you’ve had a run down of Colossus Syndicates, you can get involved with the fun HERE.

If you have any more questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’ll be more than happy to help.

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