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Things preferable to watching Netherlands v Argentina

Things preferable to watching Netherlands v Argentina

I was lucky enough to be at the League 2 play-off final between Burton and Fleetwood earlier this summer and, while at the time I considered it to be a relatively poor match I can now look back and see that, compared to last night’s carnival of tedium, I was in fact treated to a footballing masterclass.

While the Germany v Brazil match will never be regarded as a classic contest, it was still one of the most watchable games in recent memory. Perhaps our expectations were too high in thinking that the second semi-final could be quite as interesting, but what did we do to deserve such a lacklustre and soul-sapping performance from two sides competing for a spot in the final of the world’s most illustrious sporting competition?

If you’re still in the recovery stage and actively looking for things that would be more fun than seeing any of that match ever again, feel free to take a look at our list and be inspired.

10) Performing this stunt


9) Being this horse



8) Getting a lift to work from this guy



7) Explaining a particularly messy house party to your parents



6) Getting this fake tan



5) Waking up and remembering you’ve got this tattoo



4) Having this guy turn up when your house is on fire


3) Allowing this valet to get hold of your car



2) Having this lady-killer sit next to you in a club



1) Captaining Brazil at a World Cup semi-final in front of an expectant home crowd…



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