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Statistically Smart Selections

Will the game finish 1-0? 2-1? Will it be much easier than that? Here at Colossus Bets we like to help you out. Our pools have features to give you a helping hand when you can’t quite make your mind up on a game. So if you just aren’t sure about a game, don’t worry. This is the place that will help you out.



Which team is in better form? When was the last time they kept a clean sheet? How do they usually do against that team?

These are the questions that face every punter at some point when making a selection. We’ve made it much easier for you to find this information with the click of a button. Alongside each fixture in Colossus Bets pools is a Stats button. This stats tab is your key to making the most informed decisions when making your selections.

The recent form section displays the scores in a team’s most recent 6 games. There is also a head to head section to display the scores in recent meetings between the sides.

Smart pick

Sometimes, even with the stats you can’t quite make your mind up about a fixture. Or maybe you just don’t know how a game will turn out. Well, we’ve thought about this too! Introducing the Smart pick feature.

Each of our pools has a Smart pick button. Allowing you to select your stake and number of lines to play. Once you have decided, the Smart pick feature selects from the most probable scores/results in each fixture. It’s that simple. If you don’t like a selection made by Smart pick then you can change that selection before purchasing your ticket.

Multiple Lines

You’re playing in a Pick 4 pool and you know exactly what your selections are for the first 3 legs. But the fourth could go either way. It might be 1-0 or it might be 0-1. But you’re not sure.

Again, we’ve got the perfect solution for this too! You can make two selections on the final line to buy two tickets. One ticket will have the first three legs and 1-0 on the fourth leg and the other will have the first three legs and 0-1 on the fourth leg. This allows you to enter multiple tickets into a single pool and increase your chance of winning. Perfect for those tricky games.


Whatever your selection dilemma, we have you covered. We’re on your side and want to help you make the most informed decision possible. And if you’re still struggling, be sure to check out Previews. So, you can make the smartest selections here.


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