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Madrid Derby features in this weekend’s £800,000 Pick 15

Madrid Derby

Join James’ Pick 15 Syndicate and shoot for a share of £800,000. 18+

Every week I will be previewing the weekend Pick 15.

The associated syndicate reference is: 332DQPVJ

We will always be going for the Jackpot of £800,000 with a maximum of 64 lines (£128 stake).

We will not Cash Out – we will not fold to pressure – we will win this thing!

Tough times last week: it was like we were at war and we lost. We lost pretty bad. But the thing to do is dust yourself off and fight again.

Each week I will be highlighting some fixtures as bankers – games that I have maximum faith in, but you should remain cautious as they don’t always come in.

Last time I picked 4 Bankers:  Sheffield Wednesday, Bournemouth, Fiorentina and PSG. And this goes to show why I call them bankers – because you can pretty much bank on them not coming in. Sheffield Wednesday came good, but Bournemouth were well and truly thrashed by Cardiff, Fiorentina could only manage a pathetic draw against Udinese and even the mighty PSG recorded their first loss, because I said they wouldn’t.

Bankers so far: 24 out of 51 (stinks)

Bankers this week: there are no bankers in life. Oh go on then, have Lille, but I’m only doing one!

So last week has got me thinking differently. I’ve been using logic and stats to make selections, when I should have been backing the opposite of what I’d found. So I’ll try that instead and see how it goes…

Watford vs Everton

Watford were dire against Brighton and couldn’t even get a single shot on target, which means they are going to beat Everton, who are by all accounts a better team.

Selection: Home

Crystal Palace vs West Ham

West Ham just showed that they are at least equal to league leaders Liverpool, but Crystal Palace, who are objectively much worse than Liverpool will almost certainly stuff them.

Selection: Home

Bolton vs Preston

I spoke directly with Phil Parkinson and he said Bolton are going down. In order to accomplish that, he’s going to do everything he can to lose this game like he has the last lots-of-games.

Selection: Away

QPR vs Birmingham

Teams walk over QPR like a cheap carpet, which is why QPR will probably beat Birmingham because nothing really makes sense. Birmingham can have a selection too in case they have the same boots on they had on when they trounced Nottingham Forest. So this will probably end a draw.

Selection: Home / Away

Rotherham vs Wigan

Rotherham lost 7-0 to Man City in the FA Cup and that’s no way to play a football match. Wigan are a lot like Man City in that they too play with 11 men on the field at the start of the game. For those reasons alone I believe Wigan are equal to Man City in this equation.

Selection: Away

Nottingham Forest vs Brentford

Forest beat Leeds 4-2 only last month which is why they will win this for certain. Brentford, by comparison, beat Blackburn 5-2 so in actual fact I lied, they’re going to win instead. If any of these statements are true then we’ll be correct in this leg.

Selection: Home / Away

Blackburn vs Bristol City

Bristol City aren’t doing any losing at the moment and they can’t go on that way or soon they’ll win the Premier League and that seems unrealistic, which is why they’re going to lose. But Bristol’s away form is better than their home form which makes no sense at all, so we’d better cover them too.

Selection: Home / Away

Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid

Madrid plays Madrid in a Madrid derby. Madrid are currently doing slightly better than Madrid so it’s fair to say that Madrid have the advantage, but as both of these teams are Madrid then a draw seems pretty likely too. I’m backing Madrid to go in front early on, but I’m covering the draw just in case Madrid come back from behind.

Selection: Home / Draw

Stoke vs West Brom

West Brom are right up there in the playoffs with 14 wins to their name so far this season. So no way are they are going to do anything but lose to a Stoke side that’s struggling so get into the top half of the table. I did notice though that Stoke beat Leeds recently so maybe West Brom do have an outside chance on that evidence.

Selection: Home / Away

Leganes vs Real Betis

Betis beat Atletico Madrid last time out, which makes them no match for Leganes who were thrashed by all of the top teams in La Liga.

Selection: Home

Bologna vs Genoa

Bologna have only won 3 times this season and one of those times was against Inter Milan in their last fixture, which just goes to show that whoever is in control of football has lost their grip on reality. So I guess there’s no reason why they can’t beat Genoa who couldn’t even beat AC Milan.

Selection: Home

Montpellier vs Monaco

Monaco finally noticed that Thierry Henry wasn’t actually doing a very good job. It’s not inconceivable that Jardim might do a better job, even if he turns up every day blindfolded and throws darts at a board to select the squad, whilst getting his team tactics from an old copy of Roy of the Rovers. For this reason a draw is on the cards, but surely Montpellier, with a defence as strong as a tank will stop them from winning at the very least.

Selection: Home / Draw

Guingamp vs Lille

Lille are second in Ligue 1 and Guingamp are bottom. Surely even in a season where nothing makes sense, this game belongs to Lille. Surely.

Selection: Away

Rennes vs St Etienne

Rennes lost to bottom of the league Guingamp in January which is why they are dead certs for this. Any team that loses to Guingamp are too embarrassed to lose again.

Selection: Home

Nice vs Lyon

You don’t win matches by being nice.

Selection: Away

Join James’ Pick 15 Syndicate and shoot for a share of £800,000. 18+

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