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Jimmyjamjom’s Pick 15 Preview

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Every week I will be reviewing the weekend Pick 15.

The associated Syndicate “593VFMET” will always be going for the Jackpot of £800K with a maximum of 64 lines (£128.00 stake).

We will not Cash Out – we will not fold to pressure – we will win this thing!

Last week was – well it was fairly average – 9/15. Which is 6 matches away from our lovely yummy jackpot, nom nom nom.

Bournemouth surprised many with their pummelling of Watford, but the rest was very close, with only a goal in it – much more exciting and close than the bare result.

Each week I will be highlighting some fixtures as bankers – games that I would bet my house on and will be tallying up my success rate on these games.

Last week there were 4 bankers and as per usual they didn’t all come in. No-one knows what happened to Burnley. They did manage to take the lead but it was nothing short of a miracle they hung onto the draw because Huddersfield were all over them. Derby also couldn’t keep a resilient QPR at bay and handed them the draw after taking the lead. So it was left to Arsenal and Inter Milan to save face for me and they both duly obliged. Thank god.

Bankers so far: 7 out of 16 (shambolic)

Bankers this week: Are you mad? No thanks, I’m in a hump again. Oh go on then, let’s go for Norway. And Germany – why the hell not?

Anyway, onto this week… It’s a boring International break, but god bless them Colossus have heroically dredged the bin of football and managed to compile a Pick 15 for us to get our teeth into.

Fleetwood vs Shrewsbury

Poor Shrewsbury. Last year they were edging towards automatic promotion, then fell apart in the playoffs and now 12 games in they are only just out of the relegation zone. Fleetwood love a bit of promotion and practically do it every year (Premier League Champions 2022?) – but realistically this is just a tight game. Fleetwood’s 4-0 drubbing of Doncaster is fresh in the mind, so they have the edge in confidence, covering the draw on Shrewsbury’s potential form yet to be awakened this term.

Selection: Home / Draw

AFC Wimbledon vs Portsmouth

Pompey know what they want. They want to wave goodbye to league one and say hello to coming back down again next year. But on evidence so far they are to be trusted to take the spoils. Their last game against Gillingham was just a blip, or the kind of crazy result you can expect in this horse and cart league.

Selection: Away

Scunthorpe vs Peterborough

Scunthorpe like to do two things: score goals and concede goals, and they do both of them exceptionally well. Unfortunately for them they’re slighter better at the latter, having let in an average of 2 goals every game. Peterborough have scored more goals than any other team in the league. So Scunthorpe like to let in goals, Peterborough like to score goals. I’m expecting – goals. Lots and lots of goals.

Selection: Draw / Away

Rochdale vs Doncaster

The thing about Rochdale is that they could beat Doncaster. And the thing about Doncaster is that they could beat Rochdale. And the thing about both of them is that they could very easily draw. Digging deep into my football predictive talents (tosses coin), I’m backing home and away, because it worked for me last week.

Selection: Home / Away

Burton vs Bristol Rovers

Whenever I see Bristol Rovers I always think of Bristol City and think ooh they’re much better than Burton and what are they doing in League One anyway? But Rovers are not City. Rovers can only manage 2 wins so far this season and Burton have had… count them 3! I don’t think Burton look like they are springing back into the Championship straight away, but they should have enough to take Bristol (Rovers) at home.

Selection: Home

Oxford Utd vs Plymouth

The bookies very much fancy bottom of the table Oxford for this.  But it’s that “bottom of the table” bit that doesn’t fill me with joy. Alright Plymouth are only one place above them but still. Last season Plymouth were 7th and Oxford no-where near that. Where does this confidence in Oxford come from?! I’m backing Plymouth. And Oxford, in case the bookies know more than me, which I suspect they don’t.

Selection: Home / Away

Norway vs Slovenia

Slovenia are a joke team that people beat for fun, unless you’re Montenegro and of course Scotland, and England back in 2016. Norway have won 5 out of their last 6 and are a proper team who beat teams like Slovenia for fun, particularly if it’s in a cup as prestigious as the UEFA Nations League!

Selection: Home

Netherlands vs Germany

The Netherlands are not just some ramshackle team that looks good on paper but can’t work together anymore. They beat people, like Portugal and Peru. I mean yes they can’t qualify for a World Cup, and this is Germany we’re talking about. Actually Germany are going to win this aren’t they?

Selection: Away

Rep of Ireland vs Denmark

Not a fantastically easy call this but I’m siding with Denmark because Wales absolutely trounced Ireland in September and the best they can hope for here is probably a draw. I’m closing my hands over my ears and saying “la la la” to anyone who mentions the Slovakia 3-0 defeat that Denmark suffered – it was just a friendly.

Selection: Draw / Away

Romania vs Serbia

Ridiculously these two faced off against each other in the Nations League and it was 2-2. This time Romania are at home, but I still can’t help but favour Serbia. Mitrovic is just a great player and will provide the edge.

Selection: Draw / Away

Chapecoense vs Vitoria

This is more like it – my favourite Brazilian team Chapecoense, playing at home. I can wear my Chapecoense shirt to watch the match, and then me and all the local Chapecoense fans who live nearby me can get together and cheer them on. The match should be on ITV I expect.

Selection: Home

Russia vs Turkey

You just never know with Russia do you? They played so well in the World Cup you half expect that sort of form to pop back up again and surprise you. Last time these two played it was a draw, so the wise money is on another draw here.

Selection: Draw

Scotland vs Portugal

Now Scotland could beat Portugal if Portugal field their under 16 squad. This is a friendly, so anything could happen, but you’d have to be Mad Mad McMad to not back Portugal.

Selection: Away

Poland vs Italy

Italy absolutely thrashed Poland 6-1, but that was in 1965. More recently (last month) they drew 1-1 and I couldn’t think of a better predictor for the outcome of this game.

Selection: Draw

Finland vs Greece

For want of some better information I’m going for FIFA Ranking ladies and gents. Greece come in at 42 – 16 whole places higher than Finland. Finland have worryingly won 4 out of their last 5 games, but the only decent opposition was Romania and they lost that 2-0. Greece aren’t as good as Romania though, they lost to Hungary and Saudi Arabia in the last 3 games and only narrowly beat Estonia. I hate going for two draws in a row, but I really feel like that’s the right choice.

Selection: Draw

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