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Colossus Weekly Racing Winners

Weekly winners

Colossus British and Irish racing pools are here! Welcome to the first edition of Colossus’ Weekly Racing Winners.

Play Colossus Racing Pools Here 18+ 

Racing –  AllRoundSportsFan Huge Syndicate Winner

Our British Racing pools went live this weekend and what a great few days it was for punters, especially this Syndicate. Captain ‘Hakuna Juan Mata’ turned a £96 ticket into an outrageous £8,023. The Captain was confident in their selections and resisted all chances to Cash Out. Customers from Colossus and Matchbook were gifted with 83x their stake, and their Captain will surely be sitting pretty at the top of the Captain Leaderboard.

Check out twitter handle @allroundsport10 to be in the know about his next Syndicate offering! 



Racing – Timely Cash-Out

Racing saw a number of winners this weekend including one-liners, multiple-liners, Syndicates, and Cash-Outs. This solo punter cashed 50% before Race 5 for a massive £764, however since they had two selections, should they have potentially taken a little less? 30% was then taken for £619 before the final race having only one selection here, and it turned out to be the best decision, leaving 20% behind in case Maze Runner placed, which it did not.



Racing – Multiple Cash-Outs

This punter made use of leg by leg Cash Outs, with 40% in total cashed to guarantee profit while scooping £720 in winning dividends! 


Racing – One-Liner Win

Let the screenshot do the talking! One liner, £1 stake, £2788 WON! 



Play Colossus Racing Pools Here 18+ 

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