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Sir Andy Murray in biuld up to Australian Open Tennis 2017

Do you enjoy a spot of tennis? Our tennis pools are back for the start of the Australian Open on Monday! We’ll be hosting Correct Score and Head-to-Head (H2H) pools including Pick 15s with £100,000 Jackpots.

How to play the H2H tennis pools

If you’re unsure or have forgotten about how the H2H pools work, here’s a brief reminder….

All you need to do is select which player from each pairing you think will go further in the tournament. Or, if you reckon that both players in the pairing will go out out at the same stage, then pick the draw (X)!

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E.G. By selecting ‘1’, you think that player 1 (in this example, Novak Djokovic) will go further in the tournament than player 2 (Sir Andy Murray). If you think that Murray will go further than Djokovic, then select player 2 by clicking the ‘2’ icon.

It might be the case that you think that both Federer and Nadal will both be dumped out at the same stage (perhaps in the semi-finals), in which case you should then choose the draw (‘X’).

Furthermore, you can cover multiple outcomes in a pairing which will increase your chances of winning the pool! E.G. You think that Wawrinka and Nishikori will both make the quarter-finals, but only Wawrinka would have a chance of making it through to the semi-finals, then choose both Wawrinka and the draw!

As shown in the screenshot, there will be Consolation money for predicting 12/15, 13/15 or 14/15.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, we will also host smaller H2H and Correct Score pools throughout the tournament.

Sound good? Play now.

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