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Arsenal vs Chelsea features in the £800,000 Pick 15

Arsenal vs Chelsea

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Every week I will be previewing the weekend’s Pick 15.

The associated syndicate reference is: 387RGAPK

We will always be going for the Jackpot of £800,000 with a maximum of 64 lines (£128 stake).

We will not Cash Out – we will not fold to pressure – we will win this thing!

We did not win last week, that much is clear, but the margins were very fine. Watford made the comeback against Palace, but went one step too far and won the game. Birmingham made the comeback against Middlesbrough, but then blew it again. Swansea took the lead against Preston and then gave away a silly penalty straight after. I could go on. This is football, this is what it does to us. We went on a nice little run at the end finishing with 9/15. The payout for 11/15 was £774.76 – so a tough week and we really were very close.

Each week I will be highlighting some fixtures as bankers – games that I have maximum faith in, but you should remain cautious as they don’t always come in.

Last time I picked 1 banker: My favourite Italian side Atalanta who romped home no problem, destroying Cagliari 2-0 away.

Bankers so far: 21 out of 44 (bleurgh)

Bankers this week:

Newcastle vs Cardiff

Newcastle have struggled for results in recent times, but against Man United , Liverpool and Chelsea who would have expected any different? A home game against Cardiff is much calmer waters and I expect them to pick up some much needed points.

Selection: Home

Bournemouth vs West Ham

West Ham have looked a bit tasty recently, which showed in their win against Arsenal. Bournemouth away won’t be easy, but I believe the edge to be in West Ham’s favour. Covering the draw to be safe.

Selection: Draw / Away

Southampton vs Everton

Ralph the Alpine Klopp showed once again how good his influence is when Southampton beat Leicester away 2-1 despite going down to 10 men. A result I predicted. However, Everton have scored more goals than anyone outside of the top six, and I fancy this game could go either way.

Selection: Home / Away

Sheffield Wednesday vs Wigan

Wednesday’s demise against Hull was fairly predictable, but this fixture looks within their grasp. They are back at Hillsborough and Wigan aren’t nearly as sharp. The result for Wigan against Villa is worrying, but it was largely down to the poor performance from Villa.

Selection: Home / Draw

Nottingham Forest vs Bristol City

Personally I’m a big fan of Martin O’Neill who has taken over at the Forest where he used to play. This is probably because of his days at Leicester. And although he’s dead to me now as he tries to get our rivals promoted, he will inevitably do a great job there. I would normally have backed Bristol for this as they move gradually into the playoff zone, but just in case there’s a new manager boost then I’m covering home too.

Selection: Home / Away

Stoke vs Leeds

Stoke are big fighters and I’m always trepidatious about betting against them, but Leeds are top of the table and going strong, so it feels right to back them.

Selection: Away

QPR vs Preston

QPR knocked the aforementioned Leeds out of the FA Cup and at home to Preston shouldn’t be a problem for them.

Selection: Home

Arsenal vs Chelsea

Emery and Sarri have both been in charge for around the same amount of time and their results are very similar. Arsenal though have lost 6 games since Emery took over and Chelsea have only lost 5, so I’m siding with Chelsea for the win, but a draw is all too likely in this London derby.

Selection: Draw / Away

Swansea vs Sheffield Utd

Sheffield United are trampling over teams without breaking a sweat and Swansea look ripe for taking. Their top scorer Billy Sharp is also top scorer in the Championship and is on fire. No Championship game is easy to predict though and Swansea are more than capable of getting the win, but I predict they’re more likely to hold them to a draw.

Selection: Draw / Away

RB Leipzig vs Dortmund

Dortmund are plugging away in the Bundesliga and holding their place at the top. Leipzig are likely candidates to trip them up on the way to the title and this fixture looks a tough one to predict. I could definitely be persuaded either way so I’m going to take a punt on a draw.

Selection: Draw

Celta Vigo vs Valencia

It’s a big gamble to bet on two draws in a row but we’ve seen it many times on the Pick 15 and this looks like another decent opportunity. Valencia are really not setting La Liga alight and they’ve drawn more times than any other team. It seems it’s just what they like to do.

Selection: Draw

Real Betis vs Girona

Two more closely matched teams, but the home advantage will hopefully be enough to give odds on favourites Betis the win.

Selection: Home

SPAL 2013 vs Bologna

Bologna are really struggling and I can’t really back them to win this having only won twice so far this season. SPAL aren’t doing so much better, but if they’re going to find another win this season then this fixture is one of the more likely ones.

Selection: Home

Schalke vs Wolfsburg

Schalke are big favourites with the bookies here but Wolfsburg are firing on all cylinders at the moment and their away form is particularly good, which is why I’m backing them.

Selection: Away

Eibar vs Espanyol

I may well regret this decision if it comes to this fixture between us and £800,000 but I have to go with my gut and my gut says we have another draw. Very similar goal differences, only 2 points separate them in the league, the away team is the slightly better team – all of which points to a draw.

Selection: Draw

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