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£800,000 Pick 15 preview ft. Man Utd’s FA Cup tie at Chelsea

Man Utd's FA Cup

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Every week I will be previewing the weekend Pick 15.

The associated syndicate reference is: 978GTHNW

We will always be going for the Jackpot of £800,000 with a maximum of 64 lines (£128 stake).

We will not Cash Out – we will not fold to pressure – we will win this thing!

Okay, last week went as well as it could without winning some lovely money. We threatened profit right down to the wire, but despite Lyon’s many efforts on goal at the end and them giving away a stupid penalty to Nice, the second best team in Ligue 1 failed to win and therefore we failed to take anything home. Very, very fine lines in the earlier games too where 3 of the games were 1-1 in which we needed them to swing one way. Oh well…

Each week I will be highlighting some fixtures as bankers – games that I have maximum faith in, but you should remain cautious as they don’t always come in.

Last week I picked Lille for the banker and it they duly obliged by winning 2-0.

Bankers so far: 25 out of 52 (awful, just awful)

Bankers this week: Lazio

Last week we did fairly well by acknowledging the unpredictable nature of football – this week I’m going to try and nail down the draws, which could give us a big advantage…

AFC Wimbledon vs Millwall

Wimbledon – bottom of League 1 – surely (even in the topsy turvy world of the FA Cup) don’t have enough to beat Millwall. Wimbledon need to do themselves a favour and get out of the FA Cup sharpish so they can concentrate on staying up.

Selection: Away

Livingstone vs Dundee

Livingstone have gained the vast majority of their wins at home. As the home advantage is so very strong for them, this leads me to confidently believe they can take this in their stride against lower opposition like Dundee.

Selection: Home

Preston vs Nottingham Forest

Blind throw at a dartboard this one. Preston have hit a nice purple patch, taking big scalps like Stoke and QPR without breaking a sweat. Forest showed their tenacity though against West Brom and they were unlucky not to win, were it not for a last minute penalty. Could go either way.

Selection: Home / Away

Ipswich vs Stoke

Ipswich haven’t tasted League 1 football for a very long time, but it looks like that’s going to change if they don’t pull their socks up. Stoke are one of those teams likely to loosen the elastic on those very socks.

Selection: Away

Aston Villa vs West Brom

Brum brum. It’s a west midlands Derby. The gloves are off, the swords are drawn, pistols at dawn – whichever fighting metaphor you prefer, this will be an out and out battle.

Selection: Home / Away

Cagliari vs Parma

We’re zoning in on the draws this week to try and give ourselves an edge and this one stands out like a sore thumb. Away team slightly stronger, home advantage equals it out, both teams closely matched – the usual.

Selection: Draw

Nimes vs Dijon

Marseille made mustard out of Dijon last time out and this time Nimes are at home. It won’t be a walkover but they should just edge it.

Selection: Home

Angers vs Nice

Another draw in the bank. French football loves a draw as we all know – there have been thousands of them already this season, or at least it feels like that. These two teams draw at least 50% of the time, which is unprecedented. Good bet if you ask me.

Selection: Draw

Atalanta vs AC Milan

Oh Atalanta, my little Italian faves. You will toy with AC Milan like a kitten with an injured mouse. I did see AC Milan beat Napoli though in the Coppa Italia quarter final, which worries me enough to cover away too.

Selection: Home / Away

SPAL 2013 vs Fiorentina

Do you remember when Fiorentina beat Roma 7-1 in the Coppa Italia quarter finals? I do. And it is this Fiorentina that will be showing up for this – I’m sure of it.

Selection: Away

Genoa vs Lazio

Genoa can beat anyone on their day. Unfortunately, they can’t beat Lazio, because this is not their day. This is not their day at all.

Selection: Away

Empoli vs Sassuolo

Draw alert. Empoli have played 12 games at home and only drawn 2, so it’s about time they had another draw if you ask me. Also, the usual slight away team strength advantage etc.

Selection: Draw

Swansea vs Brentford

This is a little known fact – but Swansea actually got their name because they are unpredictable like an angry Swan. They could win this just as easily as they could lose it. Brentford are showing fleeting signs of returning to the team of last season that everyone thought might get promoted. They’re only 14 points away from the playoffs, maybe there’s still time.

Selection: Home / Away

Sporting CP vs Braga

These two teams finished 3rd and 4th last season and sit in 3rd and 4th currently this season. In their head-to-heads though, they really do not like to draw (in the last 30 games they have only drawn twice).

Selection: Home / Away

Chelsea vs Man Utd

The bookies love Chelsea for this and perhaps Man Utd’s confidence will have taken a slight knock after PSG turned them over at Old Trafford with relative ease, but before that the resurgence under Solskjaer was notable and on form they are capable of winning against a Chelsea team with an under pressure Sarri at the helm.

Selection: Home / Away

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