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Bournemouth a banker in James’ Pick 15 Syndicate


Join James’ Pick 15 Syndicate and play for a share of £800,000. 18+

Every week I will be previewing the weekend Pick 15.

The associated Syndicate reference is: 949PJZRX

We will always be going for the Jackpot of £800,000 with a maximum of 64 lines (£128 stake).

We will not Cash Out – we will not fold to pressure – we will win this thing!

Last week was a bit weird. Newcastle – the team that easily breeze past Man City – couldn’t stop themselves from losing to Watford. Tottenham’s injury problems meant they lost to Palace. All the rest were predictably close, but not quite falling right for us.

Each week I will be highlighting some fixtures as bankers – games that I have maximum faith in, but you should remain cautious as they don’t always come in.

Last time I picked 3 bankers: Napoli, Juventus and Forest. Juventus and Forest duly obliged, but Napoli, despite playing some beautiful football, failed to capitalise.

Bankers so far: 23 out of 47 (moving in the right direction)

An unprecedented 4 Bankers this week:  Sheffield Wednesday, Bournemouth, Fiorentina and PSG.

Anyway, onto this week…

Burnley vs Southampton

Against all predictions and the run of the game, Burnley were 2-0 up against a renewed Man Utd last time out, but they blew it after 87 minutes! Perhaps a warning of things to come, but I have more faith in Southampton who are putting in decent performances all the time under their new manager Ralph! But because Burnley are clearly fighting for their lives to stay up then I’m covering home too.

Selection: Home / Away

Brighton vs Watford

Brighton squandered an early 2-0 lead against Fulham of all teams so I’ve fallen out with them forever. Watford are more reliable and can take this. Covering a draw to be safe.

Selection: Draw / Away

Ipswich vs Sheffield Wednesday

Wednesday are relieved of some of their past injury woes and it shows on the pitch. They’ll be making their way up the league and this game is a sitter.

Selection: Away

Reading vs Aston Villa

Aston Villa are like a broken yoyo. You expect them to come back up after they’ve gone down, but they just don’t. Their win against bottom of the league Ipswich is hardly inspiring, but Reading inspire me even less.

Selection: Away

Bristol City vs Swansea

Bristol City have hit a bit of a purple patch in the league with 4 wins in a row, with Stoke and Forest amongst them. I don’t like to bet against Swansea and a draw is a good shout but the advantage is probably with the home team.

Selection: Home / Draw

Wigan vs QPR

The bookies really fancy Wigan for this, but I don’t see it myself. QPR have been better for most of the season and this looks a good game for them to bounce back from their recent blip in form.

Selection: Away

Hull vs Stoke

As mentioned before, Hull are the new Barcelona. Or at least they were until they lost 3-0 to Blackburn. It was quite a run of results before that though and I expect them to pick themselves back up against Stoke.

Selection: Home

Birmingham vs Nottingham Forest

I just fancy this for a draw all day long. Out of every fixture this one screams out draw. Both closely matched, with slightly better away team.

Selection: Draw

Cardiff vs Bournemouth

If Bournemouth can make a laughing stock out of Chelsea then they can make chicken stock out of Cardiff.

Selection: Away

Reims vs Marseille

These teams are so closely matched. They sit 8th and 9th in the league and I can’t help but see a draw.

Selection: Draw

Villarreal vs Espanyol

It would be hard to back Villarreal to win a raffle in which they’d bought all of the tickets at the moment. The bookies however have absolute faith in them in this weak fixture, so I will too, whilst covering the expected 0-0 draw too, though.

Selection: Home / Draw

Genoa vs Sassuolo

Very tough to know which way this one is going to swing. I still have fresh in my mind the win Genoa pulled off against my favourite Italian side Atalanta back in December. So they’re more than capable of winning here. But Sassuolo can really show up too and their recent win against Cagliari was conclusive proof. I feel it could go either way, so I’ll back that.

Selection: Home / Away

Udinese vs Fiorentina

I’ve been highly unimpressed with Udinese all season and this should be a walk in the park for Fiorentina.

Selection: Away

St Etienne vs Strasbourg

St Etienne are sitting neatly in 4th place in Ligue 1, but Strasbourg (who must be surprising even themselves) are only sitting one place below in 5th. Strasbourg also have a better goal difference (the 3rd best in the league), so what looked like an easy home win at first glance might be anything but. I think the edge still lies with St Etienne, but I will back the draw too.

Selection: Home / Draw

Lyon vs PSG

PSG have lost a grand total of zero matches this season. So it’s win or draw for them. They’ve won 18 times and drawn only twice. So even though Lyon are a good side and PSG are away, if we have a potential £800,000 on the line then only a fool would bet against the win.

Selection: Away

 Join James’ Pick 15 Syndicate and play for a share of £800,000. 18+

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