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Spurs vs Man Utd features in our £800,000 Pick 15

Spurs vs Man Utd

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Every week I will be previewing the weekend Pick 15.

The associated syndicate reference is: 267CCXAW

We will always be going for the Jackpot of £800,000 with a maximum of 64 lines (£128 stake).

We will not Cash Out – we will not fold to pressure – we will win this thing!

I think last week was officially the worst week ever. If it could have gone wrong, it did. Looking at the final scores it was hard to believe how well it was all going at one stage, but it fell apart catastrophically like a badly stacked Jenga.

But when the 12/15 dividend is the full £6,000 then you know everyone found it tough.

Each week I will be highlighting some fixtures as bankers – games that I have maximum faith in, but as last week has proven, you should remain cautious!

Last time I picked 2 bankers: Real Betis and Fleetwood. Fleetwood showed how easily they could have won the game when they scored 2 goals in quick succession and became favourites, only to let in a 3rd before the whistle. Real Betis, who are still only 1 place behind Real Madrid, went 1-0 up against Huesca but gave away two goals in five minutes. Sometimes the luck just isn’t with you.

Bankers so far: 20 out of 43 (bleurgh)

Bankers this week: Atalanta

Crystal Palace vs Watford

I just fancy this for a draw so badly. Mainly because it might usually be one I’d pick for high scoring that could go either way and EVERY time I do that, it goes either way all game and then it’s a draw. E.g. Derby vs Southampton from last week.

Selection: Draw

Leicester vs Southampton

I’m a Leicester fan and we’ve had some fairly big wins in recent times over Chelsea and Man City, so I guess it makes sense here to favour Leicester a bit. I’m a big fan of Ralph Hasenhuttl though and he’s getting some very good performances from Southampton. I reckon he’ll be thinking he can get some points here and he may just be right so I’m covering away too.

Selection: Home / Away

Burnley vs Fulham

There have been glimmers of Burnley of old in the recent games against West Ham and Huddersfield. It’s hard to know how much the suspension of Robert Brady may affect them, but they should have enough tenacity to take Fulham at home.

Selection: Home

Cardiff vs Huddersfield

Schindler has a red card suspension for Huddersfield and without even considering that you’d fancy Cardiff to take this, as Huddersfield have really shown very little so far this term. The two teams are not split by a country mile though and my gut is telling me to cover the draw too.

Selection: Home / Draw

Ipswich vs Rotherham

Paul Lambert really has his work cut out for him at Ipswich. He got a decent performance out of the team against Millwall though and was perhaps unlucky not to get more. Rotherham will be an altogether easier proposition. I’m covering the home win, but it feels wrong to back Ipswich as they went out of the FA Cup to Stanley, so I’m covering away too.

Selection: Home / Away

Birmingham vs Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough were so reliable there for a short while, but now we’re into the thick of the season a few cracks are showing. Birmingham have turned things around and although I can’t really be fully confident in a tough fixture in which I feel a draw is the safest bet, I think Birmingham may well just have a slight edge.

Selection: Home / Draw

Preston vs Swansea

Swansea are stuffing goals in left, right and centre and although they are away and Preston are favourites, Swansea are a much better team in my book.

Selection: Away

Millwall vs Blackburn

Millwall just don’t lay down as they showed against Hull. Blackburn will be difficult opponents, but I can rely on Millwall to battle hard to the end.

Selection: Home

Girona vs Alaves

The bookies still don’t favour Alaves despite them continually defying the odds. This fixture was played in the Copa del Rey and Girona just came out on top, but Alaves had more of the ball and looked the better team. I fancy them to hold Girona to a draw this time.

Selection: Draw

Villarreal vs Getafe

Villarreal are massive favourites here, and I guess they showed they can play well against Real Madrid when they drew 2-2 in the first game of 2019. So I will back them for the win, but Getafe are more than capable of getting a draw and I have to worry about Villarreal’s dire league position.

Selection: Home / Draw

Torino vs Fiorentina

Two teams that are separated in the league by the merest slither meet here in the Coppa Italia. If I were a betting man (and believe me, I’m a betting man) then I would bet on this going to extra time.

Selection: Draw

Tottenham vs Man Utd

The world and his dog will be backing Spurs here, but as we’ve all seen, the leashes have been loosened at Man Utd with Solskjaer at the helm and goals have been flying in. They haven’t been tested against tough opposition yet, but I wouldn’t bank on them not firing in a few goals at the very least.

Selection: Home / Away

Real Betis vs Real Madrid

This Real Madrid team are certainly not as reliable as past reincarnations have been. Solari has not been getting the best out of them at all. But if one thing is going to spur them on, surely it’s the threat of Mourinho returning.

Selection: Away

Cagliari vs Atalanta

My Italian favourites Atalanta come up again in the Pick 15. It’s Atalanta all day my friends. All day.

Selection: Away

Sociedad vs Espanyol

And finally we have this La Liga fixture to end it all. If everything has gone right then it will be for a cool share of £800,000. And if I had to bet £800,000 then it would be on the team that just beat Real Madrid 2-0 and are playing at home.

Selection: Home

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